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Winning Christmas. Awesome sweepstakes and giveaways worth entering.

It's been forever, but I think we've finally found what works for me, and my medical issues are as under control as we can make them for now.  I have a super team I am working with and *fingers crossed* I'm doing better than I have in a long while.

Now, on to the good stuff.

Since I am disabled and not able to hold down a regular job, when I have the time and the energy I enter sweepstakes and giveaways to win the things I wouldn't otherwise be able to get for my family.  I have won some amazing prizes including trips, shopping sprees, furniture, small and large electronics, etc...  and of course the practical like a year's worth of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Cases of Fiji (my fave) water, a nice chunk of change for our food pantry and on and on.

Now that I am able to enter again fairly regularly I am going to be posting my favorite ones here - *disclosure* I will receive extra entries if you enter through my link on some of these - some I will not but am posting because I think my readers, family and friends will want to enter because the prizes are so awesome.

I appreciate if you use my links, and if you have any that you are trying to win and they aren't mentioned here (I won't be putting everything I enter here, just the ones I really really want to win) and I haven't entered yet but am eligible for, I will enter using your link if you put them in the comments-  please put the end date if you can.

Thanks so much, it's good to be back.


PS  Keep checking, I will be adding new giveaways as often as I can and try to delete the outdated ones.

We'll start with the REALLY big ones, I am talking live changing like the dream home biggies then get to those things I'd really love to win for my family and friends, and of course myself, or things we need and this will free up our money for other things.

I am not going to post them all, because while when I have extra time I might find entering for a $10 and $20 GCs to be worth it, I can't justify posting them here and wasting everyone's time.  I will post the ones that I know that I have friends and family that would like to win the prize(s).   Most of them will be worth $100 and up, but if something is on one of our wishlists, especially the grandsons, I might sneak in a few with a lower value.

This also helps me out because it keeps the sweeps I really, really want to win in one place and I can maximize entries when I have limited time and energy.

Have I mentioned how much I love my hobby?   Whether you enter for one or all, I wish you the best of luck at winning the prize(s) of your dreams.  If you aren't in it, you can't win it.

Quicken Loans is giving away  a home near Ann Arbor, Michigan and $50,000 cash with an ARV of over $765,000 OR take the cash alternative of $350,000 and $50,000, ARV $400,000 in the Urban Oasis 2016 Sweepstakes.  Daily entries on both HGTV and DIY NETWORK. The first day you have to fill out your address and other contact information, but after that it's just your email, so very simple.


Win a 2016 Camaro  ends 12/2/16  US & Canada, age of majority.  Easy weekly entry.  ***IMPORTANT*** Winner MUST pick up car in Franklin, Tennessee no later than 1/31/17 or prize will be forfeited.  If you know you can't do this, please don't enter and make someone who could follow the rules miss out on an amazing prize. 

Win an Electric Bike and Surfboard $4000 ARV  ends 11/1/16   Easy FB single entry US 18+


$500 Amazon GC  ends 10/31/16  Super easy entry, but you must confirm the email they send you.  

Win a $250 Amazon GC  ends 10/31/16    4 ways to enter, sign up for a newsletter.  Easy entry.

Falling in Love $1100 Amazon GC Giveaway  10/31/16  You are subscribed to 58 romance authors newsletters (not spam, and you can unsubscribe at any time) with one click so this one is super easy.  

$5000 Overstock GC ends 11/22  Daily entry - you only have to fill out your info once, then when you go back daily it's just your email, so super easy.  US 21+

Win a $500 Disney Store GC  ends 11/8/16  GC can be used online or in store.   US 18+


Win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas  ends 12/15/16  US 21+  Includes air, hotel, shuttle & gcs for outlet shopping.   

Win a 4 night Bahamas Disney Cruise for 4  ends 11/18/16  US 21+ Easy weekly entry. Includes air, onboard gratuities, meals, etc.  

Win a 6 day/5 night trip to Northern Italy  ends 10/31  US 21+  Prize includes air, lodging, ground transfers to/from hotel, various culinary tours and classes.


Win a Dell Inspiron 15.6" Laptop   ends 10/28/16

Win a 3D Printer  ends 12/11/16

$3500+ PhotoPlus Expo 2016 Celebration Giveaway  ends 10/27/16  Go to page to see the seriously awesome prizes   All entrants will receive for FREE, Corel® AfterShot™ 3, a $39.99 value, and the Portrait Series™ Professional Retouching Brushes and Fashion Series™ presets from, an $80 value.  You can do daily tweets & daily entries at each page to rack up the entries for a better chance to win.


10 piece Rachael Ray cookware set  ends 10/31/16

For all of my crafty pals, this one is a doozy - I am talking right up there on my wishlist - and I don't get anything extra for sharing this, but I know a lot of you like to craft so had to post this one.

Millie Longarm Quilting Machine  ends 12/14/16  Daily entry.  Monthly winners receive a quilting gift basket, The lucky grand prize winner will receive a Millie longarm quilting machine on a 12-foot table that includes a stitch regulator, multi-position handles, directional horizontal locks and much more, an overhead lighting bar valued at $795, an unbeatable lifetime warranty for a whopping ARV of  $19,695


Winning Christmas.  This first one is one I really want to win for my family - Kyra and Devon are sharing a house while they are in school and working - isn't it nice that the grandsons are growing up so closely?  I love it.  It just so happens, Debbie Macomber, one of my favorite feel good authors has teamed up with Balsam Hill and Ghiradelli and some lucky person will win a Christmas tree, decorations, garland, wreath, etc and lots of chocolaty goodness from Ghiradelli.  Can we say YUM, YUM, YUM?  This would be such a huge deal because they only have a few ornaments from over the years and are basically starting from scratch with the decorations and I would love to win this to give them a huge leg up.

To celebrate Debbie's latest novel Twelve Days of Christmas, we are giving away the same Balsam Hill Christmas tree, wreath, garland and decorations that Debbie has picked for her writing space, signed copies and audiobooks of her beloved holiday novels, and Ghirardelli gift baskets!  

Deck Your Halls Sweepstakes  ends 11/5/16


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My favorite family vacation.

Wildwoods, NJ
Living in New York and New Jersey growing up, it was pretty much a given that our vacations were spent at the shore.  Our weekend getaways could be any of the numerous beaches, but the longer ones tended to be spent in Wildwoods. 

They were all fabulous and each has their stories to tell, but the very best one was the vacation that we took my grandmother with us.  She was a delightful, beautiful lady and everyone who met her couldn't help but to fall in love with her.  The epitome of class and graciousness, she always had a kind word and smile for everyone.

She lived with diabetes and had her thyroid removed so was on a very strict diet of foods she could and couldn't eat.  She never complained about her limitations and was extremely good about limiting the good stuff (as we kids called it), but for that one fabulous week, she broke the rules she lived by every day of her life. 

Mornings were spent at the beach, and every afternoon we spent back at the hotel, resting up for going to the boardwalk in the evenings.  My parents and grandmother usually stayed in their rooms while we kids went to the pool, and for some reason we went to Gramma's room when we needed a break, always one at a time, and when I was ready to go back swimming and playing, grandma would give me some money and tell me to sneak myself an ice cream cone and could I get her a soft serve vanilla while I were at it.  We giggled as we at them, like we were really getting away with something. Come to find out, she also did that with my brother and sister, so three cones every day!

Soft Serve Ice Cream Cones
Having her there with us was enough to make it my favorite vacation, but the memory is now even more poignant.  We didn't know it at the time, but she later told us that it was the first real vacation she had ever taken in her life that wasn't to visit family and she had decided that for that one week, she would indulge herself and us in things she normally wouldn't, and she had the best time of her life.  She was so amazing, knowing that we had some small part in giving her something special makes it one of the memories I cherish most.

Do you have a favorite vacation memory?  Are you doing anything special to make memories for your family?  We'd love to hear about it.

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My Birds Are Weird - Communal Nest, Babies With 1 Papa and 2 Mamas

Newly Hatched Baby Conure

Last week we had the first of our green cheek conure babies hatch.  Since this photo was taken 6 more of the 13 eggs have hatched. Our birds here at the loonyverse are a little bit unusual, they would have to be to live with us. First of all conures are usually monogamous forming lifelong pair bonds. Petrie,Tiki and Hotrod are all bonded to each other. It started before Tiki and Hotrod moved in with us when they still lived with Casey.  

The first time Tiki saw Petrie it was love at first site, for her. Think Pepe Le Pew but with birds. Petrie was very much a people bird back then and for the most part wasn't as into Tiki as she was into him. Then Casey got Hotrod and he and tiki where inseparable. But any  time they came over TIki still wanted very much to be with Petrie. Eventually  it worked out so Tiki and Hotrod had to live with us, and the three of them became a unit.  Fast forward a few months and i slipped up on my diligence in finding nesting sites and getting rid of them and we have eggs. Turns out Tiki and hotrod are both girls and Petrie is a boy.  Also instead of each having separate nests, Tiki and Hotrod share a single nest, which from everyone I've talked to is unheard of.  

And now, they’re hatching.

Which brings me to another strange thing about my birds.  I am also currently watching Kyra’s husbands conure Isaac. Initially Hotrod didn't like the new baby when they got him for Christmas,  but they get along great now. So well in fact that instead of being chased off as an interloper, Isaac helps care for the babies. He helps them sit on them and also helps Petrie to feed the girls and the babies, which is good because otherwise I don't know if they would get all the babies fed. But I’m happy to say all of the babies are getting fed even the newly hatched ones which might otherwise get pushed out of the way by the bigger ones

That's all for now. I'll have another post next week when I have to start pulling the babies for hand feeding. I should have more pictures by then as well. Right now though it seems that they know every time I'm bringing in the camera and Hotrod wants to kill it. I”m trying to stress them out as little as possible so the pictures can wait till I pull them for hand rearing so they can make wonderful pets.
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Community Coffee Military Match Program

 “I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting Community® Coffee. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

The girls dad and I met while we were in tech school in the US Air Force in Biloxi Mississippi.  I got out before him and was a stay at home mom in base housing at home with my oldest daughter, Dawn.  The military can be difficult to adjust to, especially when you are away from everyone and everything you know.  Touches from "home", wherever that may be, made a world of difference.

After the military, we spent 10 years in Louisiana, where the three younger girls were born.  It was a big change for this Yankee, one I adapted to fairly quickly all things considered.

Time passes and circumstances change and the girls and I ended up moving away from Louisiana, but there are some things you never forget - among them, the food and coffee.  If you have spent any amount of time there, you know that Community® Coffee  is the coffee of choice for many natives and transplants alike, and we had friends when we lived there who wouldn't go out to a restaurant unless Community® Coffee was served.  No, I am not kidding.

Community® Coffee has a Military Match program which I think says a lot about the type of company they are -  not only do they match your purchase, they go above and beyond.  Check out the home page here to find out about this great offer.
Community Coffee
We received a  Community® Coffee Military Match Set - a travel mug and three different types of Community® Coffee  - breakfast blend, which is my personal favorite since I drink my coffee hot and black and keep it coming, all day, every day.  The two older girls like flavored coffees, so they are more apt to choose the hazlenut and Kyra and I have plans to make a tiramisu with the dark roast when she gets back from vacation.  Yes, you can make a wonderful tiramisu without espresso using a very, very strong rich coffee - we'll make it at least double strength.  

Currently I have a brother in law in the Marines who will most likely be moving back to Japan while his wife holds down the fort with the kids stateside so they can finish school here, and my son in law is in serving in the Army National Guard.  He's home from his most recent deployment, though that could change at any time.  When he was in a war zone, my daughter especially loved doing special things for him to remind him that everyone from home was thinking about him.

I think it is very important to let our troops know how much we appreciate their service, which is part of why I was so excited to be a part of this campaign.  Not only do I get to share a part of our lives with you, Community® Coffee has a wonderful program that shows our service members that we are thinking about them.  Wherever they are stationed, we can send a little taste of home to our service members.

  • Community Coffee will match any Military Match set purchases plus add an additional four bags and signature mug and ship them to an APO/FPO or military base address you provide.
  • For more information on this program, please visit here
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