Awesome sweepstakes and giveaways worth entering.

It's been forever, but I think we've finally found what works for me, and my medical issues are as under control as we can make them for now.  I have a super team I am working with and *fingers crossed* I'm doing better than I have in a long while.

Now, on to the good stuff.

Since I am disabled and not able to hold down a regular job, when I have the time and the energy I enter sweepstakes and giveaways to win the things I wouldn't otherwise be able to get for my family.  I have won some amazing prizes including trips, shopping sprees, furniture, small and large electronics, etc...  and of course the practical like a year's worth of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Cases of Fiji (my fave) water, a nice chunk of change for our food pantry and on and on.

Now that I am able to enter again fairly regularly I am going to be posting my favorite ones here - *disclosure* I will receive extra entries if you enter through my link on some of these - some I will not but am posting because I think my readers, family and friends will want to enter because the prizes are so awesome.

I appreciate if you use my links, and if you have any that you are trying to win and they aren't mentioned here (I won't be putting everything I enter here, just the ones I really really want to win) and I haven't entered yet but am eligible for, I will enter using your link if you put them in the comments-  please put the end date if you can.

Thanks so much, it's good to be back.


PS  Keep checking, I will be adding new giveaways as often as I can and try to delete the outdated ones.

We'll start with the REALLY big ones, I am talking live changing like the dream home biggies then get to those things I'd really love to win for my family and friends, and of course myself, or things we need and this will free up our money for other things.

I am not going to post them all, because while when I have extra time I might find entering for a $10 and $20 GCs to be worth it, I can't justify posting them here and wasting everyone's time.  I will post the ones that I know that I have friends and family that would like to win the prize(s).   Most of them will be worth $100 and up, but if something is on one of our wishlists, especially the grandsons, I might sneak in a few with a lower value.

This also helps me out because it keeps the sweeps I really, really want to win in one place and I can maximize entries when I have limited time and energy.

Have I mentioned how much I love my hobby?   Whether you enter for one or all, I wish you the best of luck at winning the prize(s) of your dreams.  If you aren't in it, you can't win it.

Some of the categories overlap, ie a vehicle with a trip, I am only posting it once on here, so glance through them all just in case you want one of the other prizes so you don't miss an entry for something you really want.


Looking to downsize?  You can win your very own tiny home, and an assortment of Safety First products, or various child & baby products.  40 prizes in all  ends 5/1/17 US 18+.  The home comes as is and the winner is responsible for all closing costs.  Daily entry, extra entries for reviewing products, watching videos, etc.


Win a  2015 Dodge Viper - ends 3/31/17  US & Canada, age of majority.  Easy daily entry.  ARV $75,000.

Win a fully restored 1966 Datsun Convertible  ends 6/3/17  US 18+  


Enter for your chance to win one of SIX awards season prize packs, including a popcorn maker, popcorn samplers, award-winning films, gifts for your award season viewing party, and more! PLUS the chance to win a $2,500 SHOPPING SPREE!  ends 2/28/17  Easy extra daily entries.

Win a $10,000 check and 12 Home Run Inn frozen pizza coupons - ends 4/30/17  US 18+  Daily entry.

Win a $5000 check - ends 6/1/17  US 13+  Daily entry - fill form once and just sign in after that.

Watch a 15 second video then enter to win $10,000 or one of 1000 instant prizes including gcs to Fandango, NIke, Starbucks, iTunes, or a 3 month Hulu subscription - ends 5/31/17  US 18+  Easy entry.

Win $1000 to paint your bedroom & $500 Visa  - ends 3/2/17  Easy entry, enter every 24 hours. 


Win a trip to Vegas for a Cirque Du Soliel Experience  ends 2/28/17  US 21+  Easy daily entry, includes air, hotel, tix to show and spending $.  

Win a $5000 Delta GC  

Win a PS4 Bundle - ends 3/1/17  Worldwide, all ages eligible.


Not quite sure where to post since there are prizes in several categories including GCs, high end bags, jewelry, goodies for the home and whatnot so variety works.

Win a Millie longarm quilting machine with an overhead lighting bar - ends 5/31/17.  This is a daily with an ARV of  $19,695.  If you are a crafter, or want to be, this one is for you.  This is my dream system, my fingers, toes and eyes are crossed.  

Win a Queen Sleep Number® p5 bed set with SleepIQ® technology and standard size Sleep Number AirFit® Classic pillow   ends 4/20/17  Easy FB entry.

Win a Speed Queen Washer & Dryer - ends 2/26/17  ARV $2000.  5 year warranty.

Win a Classic Kitchen Aid Mixer - ends 2/18/17   ARV $219.


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