My Birds Are Weird - Communal Nest, Babies With 1 Papa and 2 Mamas

Newly Hatched Baby Conure

Last week we had the first of our green cheek conure babies hatch.  Since this photo was taken 6 more of the 13 eggs have hatched. Our birds here at the loonyverse are a little bit unusual, they would have to be to live with us. First of all conures are usually monogamous forming lifelong pair bonds. Petrie,Tiki and Hotrod are all bonded to each other. It started before Tiki and Hotrod moved in with us when they still lived with Casey.  

The first time Tiki saw Petrie it was love at first site, for her. Think Pepe Le Pew but with birds. Petrie was very much a people bird back then and for the most part wasn't as into Tiki as she was into him. Then Casey got Hotrod and he and tiki where inseparable. But any  time they came over TIki still wanted very much to be with Petrie. Eventually  it worked out so Tiki and Hotrod had to live with us, and the three of them became a unit.  Fast forward a few months and i slipped up on my diligence in finding nesting sites and getting rid of them and we have eggs. Turns out Tiki and hotrod are both girls and Petrie is a boy.  Also instead of each having separate nests, Tiki and Hotrod share a single nest, which from everyone I've talked to is unheard of.  

And now, they’re hatching.

Which brings me to another strange thing about my birds.  I am also currently watching Kyra’s husbands conure Isaac. Initially Hotrod didn't like the new baby when they got him for Christmas,  but they get along great now. So well in fact that instead of being chased off as an interloper, Isaac helps care for the babies. He helps them sit on them and also helps Petrie to feed the girls and the babies, which is good because otherwise I don't know if they would get all the babies fed. But I’m happy to say all of the babies are getting fed even the newly hatched ones which might otherwise get pushed out of the way by the bigger ones

That's all for now. I'll have another post next week when I have to start pulling the babies for hand feeding. I should have more pictures by then as well. Right now though it seems that they know every time I'm bringing in the camera and Hotrod wants to kill it. I”m trying to stress them out as little as possible so the pictures can wait till I pull them for hand rearing so they can make wonderful pets.
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  3. A week ago we had the first of our green check chidren hatch. Since this photograph was taken over 5 a greater amount of the 13 eggs have incubated. Our flying creatures here at the loogyyerse are tiny bit abnormal..They would need to be live with us.

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