Menu for week of 6/17 - 6/23

Another simple menu-  I remember getting patty melts when out shopping at the Woolworth's counter.  (Yes, I'm dating myself).  I am not a huge fan of the food courts and miss the days when you could eat at your favorite department store.  Here's our menu for the week-  anything interesting on your menu this week?

 Old fashioned patty melts; Sun chips, crispy dill pickle spears
Old Fashioned Patty Melt
Garlic & rosemary pork tenderloin; roasted corn quinoa salad; grape tomatoes

Veggie lo mein; stir fried snow peas, mushrooms and red peppers

Chicken & roasted corn chowder; copycat Red Lobster cheesy biscuits

Breakfast for dinner:  fried egg & cheese sandwiches; mandarin oranges

Easy baked tilapia w/veggies; rice pilaf

Easy Baked Tilapia w/veggies
Eat whatever doesn't eat you first aka leftovers

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Menu for week of 6/3 - 6/9

Here is our menu for the week, pretty basic fare.  Have you tried any new recipes lately?

Homemade honey mustard chicken nuggets or strips; roasted cauliflower; carrot & celery sticks
Honey Mustard Chicken Strips
Spaghetti carbonara; peas

Lentil soup (vegetarian); homemade cheese crackers
Lentil Soup
Breakfast for dinner:  quiche- choice of bacon/cheddar or cream cheese & roasted red pepper; fresh fruit

Swedish meatballs over egg noodles; tossed salad w/choice of dressing

Homemade bean & cheese burritos; avocado salad

Hamburgers on homemade 40 minute buns w/caramelized onions, bibb lettuce, tomato slices and dill pickles; oven baked sweet potato fries

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