The Christmas letter I don't send out.

I originally wrote a version of this in 2008, back when I had 3 readers.  LOL  Here it is again, hope you enjoy.  Oh, and if you have a minute or two, I really think you'll enjoy the family support group post I linked to.  It captures our uniqueness quite well. 

I am so happy for those of you with perfect lives. Really, I am. But, I am not and never will be you; nor do I want to be.

My family is awesome, but we aren't perfect.

We don't make gazillions of dollars a year.  (My name is Elmer J Fudd.  I own a Mansion und a yacht.)  What, doesn't everyone quote Bugs Bunny using voices when it fits in the conversation?  I suppose you don't randomly burst into song or get up and dance or recite entire monologues either.  Interesting, very interesting.  *Raises eyebrow and strokes imaginary beard*  I suppose you don't play family support group either. 

My kids have many, many accomplishments but they also have less than stellar moments.

My grandson *cover your eyes if you can't take it* can't walk on water. Yet.

Once more I failed to make mother of the year.

Our house isn't featured in Snooty Snotty I'm so much better than you don't sit on the furniture or walk in my garden magazine.

And that's okay.  We are happy and *relatively* healthy and have a whole lot of fun and love going on.

Do you all love getting your yearly brag letter(s)? We do like keeping up with what is going on but ahh not so much when you only tell us how perfect you and your kidlets are.

Especially when we actually have contact with said perfect children and they paint an entirely different picture than you do.

I'd rather know you are human, really, I would. I'd think much more highly of you if you flat out said I'm only telling you the highlights but we're all in this together and we struggle too.

I guess it makes people feel better to let the world think things are perfect and wonderful and you are together and in control.

If nothing else the letters give us a good laugh, so keep 'em coming.

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  1. Great letter. So true.

    Ina :*

  2. I love you for all of this :)