Menu for week of 8/19 - 8/25

 More scorching days predicted, so another (fairly) light menu.  Here's our menu for the week-  what's cooking at your house?

Grilled Hot Dog
All you can eat soup, salad & breadsticks- homemade cream of chicken & gnocchi soup w/baby kale if I can find it, or spinach; copycat Olive Garden salad; breadsticks

Hot dogs w/choice of toppings; potato smileys; applesauce

Easy fettuccini alfredo w/chicken, broccoli, carrots & mushrooms; salad w/choice of salad dressings

Fish tacos w/grilled mahi mahi; fresh pineapple; spicy oven baked sweet potato fries

Breakfast for dinner:  french toast casserole; turkey breakfast sausage links; fresh fruit salad

Triple decker Cali turkey clubs on whole grain toast (turkey blt's w/avocado); coleslaw, sweet potato chips; root beer or cream soda floats

Simple baked pork chops; Casey's potatoes; broccoli craisin salad; apple brown betty

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