Menu for week of 8/5 - 8/11

It looks to be another scorcher of a week, so once more lighter fare is on the menu, and since it's National Sandwich Month (who thinks up this stuff?) not only are sandwiches included on the menu, we've put together a list of 31 cold sandwiches so you can try a new one each day!  Hope you enjoy, and please, feel free to share some of your menus or faves, we can always use fresh ideas. 

Fresh, sweet corn; sliced perfectly ripe tomatoes; (this is all we feel like sometimes, and is actually my favorite summer meal); fresh fruit

White bean sun dried tomato hummus (not a garbonza fan); pita chips; raw veggies to munch on

Chili cheese dogs on buns w/spicy brown mustard; shredded cheese, onions, coleslaw;

Oriental chicken wings; easy lo mein;  stir fry snow peas and mushrooms; watermelon
Oriental Chicken Wings & Easy Lo Mein
Smoked sausage; mac & cheese; broccoli; applesauce

Chicken salad wraps; baked chips

Breakfast for dinner - Dev's made to order omelets; choice of apple nut muffins &/or blueberry muffins; fresh fruit platter
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