Menu for week of 4/29 - 5/5

Have you made anything particularly delicious lately?   Always ready to to try something new.  Here's our menu for the week.  What's cooking at your house?

Sausage & pepper stuffed shells; garlic bread, salad w/Italian dressing
Sausage & Pepper Stuffed Shells
Sausage & Pepper Stuffed Shells
Portobello  mushroom burgers w/caramelized onions, grilled yellow squash; sliced tomatoes, butter lettuce, and avocado mayo on buns; oven baked panko & parm zucchini & yellow squash fries; broccoli slaw

Pork chops w/applesauce, smashed garlicky red potatoes; sesame green beans
Updated Pork Chops w/Applesauce
Sesame Green Beans
Breakfast for dinner:  cheesy scrambled eggs; English muffins; melon cup

Bbq baked chicken; oven roasted sweet corn; tossed salad w/choice of salad dressing

Awesome wraps using whipped cream cheese diced pancetta (or bacon) fried up crisp, organic baby spinach and bruschetta 

Eat whatever doesn't eat you first aka leftovers

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