Menu for week of 2/27 - 3/4

Finally updating- I'll be putting the menus for the past several weeks up for reference, but for now, here's how our meals for this week are shaping up.

I made (and tasted) for the first time ever, lemon squares last night.  Dev came home from a date and asked me what I was making then has the nerve to say "Mom, why are you making those- little old ladies make those".  I said "huh?"  She looks at me like I'm nuts (I am but that is irrelevant, this was a different than normal look)  "Well you know, they conjure up a mental pic of little old ladies bringing them to the church meeting or potluck".

"Uhh okay, Dev, but they looked really good and everyone is pinning them and I love lemons and I have these lemons and..."

"Sorry, mom, you're officially on the hill (HA- I won't be 50 for a couple of months, brat!- then you can say I am over the hill).

She said "lemon squares are really good  mom, but really, I think old ladies are supposed to make them."

Regardless, I continued making them and holy cow those suckers are good!  I couldn't stick with one recipe but took all the parts I liked from several and I'll post what we finally ended up with later because they are seriously delish (oh, and I added key lime juice too because I was a bit short of fresh lemon juice and I get antsy if I don't do something to shake things up). ;-)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled dinner menu:

Mahi mahi (girls new fave fish since Hawaii) - probably grilled, maybe with ginger/lime marinade of some sort; coleslaw; oven baked fries (choice of sweet potato or regular); fresh pineapple

Unrolled cabbage (layered casserole); mashed potatoes; corn

Potato leek soup; bacon, chive & cream cheese dinner muffins

Light & easy Chinese chicken salad or fruit & chicken dinner salad

Baked potatoes w/broccoli & cheese; salad w/choice of dressing

Breakfast for dinner:  chocolate & white chocolate chip w/ macadamia nut waffles; turkey sausage links;  fresh fruit

Chili - easy, no beans, w/sour cream, cheese & green onions served in a bread bowl (I'm going to experiment and see what I can come up with for some type of cornbread bowl since cornbread and chili just go together imo)

For more dinner ideas, head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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Menu for week of 2/6 - 2/12

Here is our menu for this week.  What's cooking at your house?

Breakfast for dinner:  biscuits w/sausage gravy; creamy scrambled eggs; fresh fruit salad

Oven roasted turkey breast; sweet potato and caramelized onion gratin; sauteed or steamed snow peas; tangerines

Pumpkin black bean soup; cheesy corn muffins

Jaegerschnitzel (pork); hot German potato salad; applesauce

Beef & barley soup; dinner rolls

Taste of Thanksgiving rings; perfect gravy; cranberry orange salad
Taste of Thanksgiving Rings
Linguine w/grilled chicken, broccoli & mushrooms in a parmesan cream sauce; Ceaser salad w/mock Ceaser salad dressing (no eggs or anchovies)

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