Menu for week of 6/4 - 6/10

It is hot and the motivation and desire for big meals has gone along with the breeze.  We get a few minutes of rain here and there, but nothing that helps so the burn ban is still in effect.  We're fortunate not to have the huge fire problems as they do in the west, or the flooding the east has, but some relief would be welcome.

Ki, Ian & Robert got me a little ice cream maker (it's so cute!!!) for a mother's day / birthday gift so I may play with that this week -  ice cream, sorbets and fro-yo's can certainly fit on our menu.  I have NEVER made homemade ice cream save taken my turn at an old hand crank at a few summer bbq's when I was a kid, so any advice, tnt recipes etc would be very welcome.

On our menu this week, once more in no particular order:
Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken
Sesame Green Beans

Slow cooker rotisserie style chicken; oven roasted sweet &/or regular potatoes; oven roasted yellow squash, sesame green beans (the squash & green beans are from bil's garden, so extra delish!)

Smoked sausage, pineapple & pepper kabobs (basted with hm honey Catalina dressing) served over fruity brown rice
Summery main dish dinner salad w/choice of dressings; hm Hawaiian sweet rolls (hopefully they will NOT turn into incredible bouncing bread this time
Fish & veggie packets; tossed salad w/choice of dressing

Loaded baked potatoes w/broccoli, cheese & bacon; big garden salad w/choice of dressing
Light & easy Chinese chicken salad; whole grain crackers

Breakfast for dinner:  Thomas' English muffins were on sale, we got some pre-cooked bacon for less than half price to stock the freezer, eggs are $1 a dozen and we still have some from one of Ki's friends chickens and sliced 3 cheese blend was on sale for next to nothing,  so it will be bacon, egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches along with some fresh fruit.  Thanks to the deals we found at Kroger, the sandwiches will be less than $5 to make 8 of them- and they taste sooo much better than getting them out.  I love a good deal. :)

Anything good cooking at your house?  For more menu ideas, head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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  1. So basically, it's Gone With the Wind? LOL! Nice menus. Found you thru Menu Plan Monday.

  2. I do a lot of slow cooker meals. For the chicken one, is the foil so that the chicken doesn't cook in it's fat juices?