Eating to lose weight - week 2 menu

Celebrate Spring Salad
Last week went incredibly well, I think-  7 1/2 lbs lost in 7 days (halfway to goal) so not bad at all.

I am going to be continuing like I have been with the combo fat burning soup / uddd eating plan.  To see what I am doing and why as well as keep up with my progress, see Eating To Lose Weight and a free day.  You can also find links to the recipes- so far 3 diff varieties of soup which I think helps me stick with it.  I felt no deprivation and ate things I really like, but in a more mindful manner.

All days:  To drink: black coffee; unsweetened iced tea (black, green or white); water; Crystal Light; cranberry juice.  For snacks: baked chips; crackers; nuts; Laughing cow cheese wedges and minibabybels.  For the sweet tooth: Skinny Cow ice cream treats; Smart Ones desserts.

Day 1: All the fat burning soup I want; refreshing berry salad; all the non-starchy fruits and vegs I want.  Lean protein (chicken or beef) if I feel like I need some.

Day 2: Cereal (probably some variety of Special K) with strawberries and skim milk; scrambled eggwhite omelet with green chilis, cheese and salsa; all the fat burning soup I want; all the non-starchy fruits and veggies I want; chicken parmesan and a big tossed salad with greens and tomatoes and a light salad dressing or just some lemon juice squeezed on with salt and pepper.

Day 3:  All the fat burning soup I want; artichoke dipped in sea salted butter (diet calls for baked potato w/butter, I'd rather have it with my atrichoke-  if I want a potato, I'll put the tomato based soup or salsa on it); celebrate spring salad

Day 4: Whole grain toast with peanut butter; grapefruit and strawberries; all the fat burning soup I want; all the non-starchy fruits and vegs I want; panini made on whole grain sandwich thin with brie and one of Kyra's friend homemade fig preserves; Caribbean black beans with mango salsa served over brown rice; Skinny Cow ice cream treat (these are really, really good, better than most non-skinny varieties.

Day 5:  All the fat burning soup I want; all the non-starchy fruits and vegs I want; pineapple salad.

Day 6: Instant Breakfast; fruit and cheese plate with 2 laughing cow wedges or mini babybel; all the fat burning soup I want; all the non-starchy fruits and vegs I want; TV Dinner (I got several varieties of Smart Ones on a killer 10 for sale at Kroger, I'll pick whatever I feel like eating this night) and tossed salad.

Day 7: Anything I want in moderation along with all the fat burning soup and non-starchy fruits and vegs I want.

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