Menu for week of 7/25 - 7/31 Desperate times $30 to feed family of 4 for 1 week.

I was perusing some message boards that I am a member of and the question posed was:

You have $30   What kind of nutritious foods that satisfy your hunger would you buy?  You have the staples: flour, sugar, oils, spices etc.

Here is my response and the breakdown.  All prices are what I can buy here currently (not using coupons etc) in south central Arkansas.

These are our everyday low at several different stores- a dollar store, a box store, 2 regular grocery stores & an off price store. I realize not everyone can get these prices, I've lived in many places over the years and here in south central AR I think this would be the best use of our $.

It is not the healthiest menu, but has some variety and is not living on just ramen and mac&cheese either.

I would bake snacks, breads, biscuits and muffins with the supplies to supplement meals and fill hungry tummies. If I had a few more dollars I would buy fruit & veggies, whatever was in season.

I am also assuming I have the condiments and spices I need, only buying the specific ones needed for recipes (salsa and Italian dressing).

Without more info, I based this on serving 4 people 3 meals a day

$1 rice This gets us 3 12 serving bags
$2 1 bag ea black beans, pinto beans, split peas* (65c each)
$3 pre-cooked rotissarie chicken (Kroger has the cold ones in the deli section knocked down to $3, if you buy it hot it is $6.99)
$1 corn or flour tortillas
$2 2 dozen eggs
$3 4 bags frozen veggies (68c each) 1 chopped onion, 1 mire poix mix, 1 cali blend, 1 tri pepper & onion blend
$1 2 cans veg- green beans & corn (50c each)
$2.50 12 oz bacon
$2 chunk cheddar cheese
75c hot dogs (68c Bar S brand)
75c 1 can evaporated milk
$1 1 lb ground turkey
$1 3 pks corn muffin mix
$1 salsa
$1 2 cans pork & beans
$1 pasta
$1 Italian dressing
$1 oatmeal
$1 applesauce
50c 1 can mandarin oranges
50c 1 can tomato sauce
$1 margarine
$1 popcorn

(3 meals) Oatmeal made with evaporated milk & applesauce
(1 meal) Poached eggs and toast, mandarin oranges
(3 meals) Pancakes or waffles

Lunches & dinners:
(1 meal) Beanie weenies- 1/2 pk hot dogs, 2 cans pork & beans, 1/3 bag frozen onions

(1 meal) Rice & pinto beans- cook all beans- seasoned with 4 slices bacon, 1/3 bag frozen onions- save 1/2 for refried beans

(1 meal) Refried beans served with 1/2 pk tortillas, salsa, cheese & rice mixed with salsa

(1 meal) Chicken fajitas made with chicken breast, pepper & onion blend, 1/2 tortillas

(1 meal) Tex mex casserole- ground turkey, salsa, corn, 1 box corn muffin mix, cheese, tomato sauce

(2 meals) Split pea soup*- split peas, 1/2 bag mire poix mix, 4 slices bacon

(1 meal) Mini corn dog muffins- 1 box corn muffin mix, 1/2 pk hot dogs, cheese, little honey if you have it

(1 meal) Pasta salad- pasta, cali blend veggies, Italian dressing- serve with corn muffins

(2 meals) Chicken & rice, make broth with bones & dark meat and 1/2 bag mire poix mix, cook rice in it.

(1 meal) Omelet with cheese & salsa

(2 meals) Black beans & rice, salsa


Baked goods, popcorn

*Lentils can be substituted for split peas if you don't care for them.

Can you do better?  What can you buy cheaply in your area - and what kind of meals would you make in this situation?
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2--NO SPOILERS

If you weren't aware, I've been among the ranks of the Potter fanatics since I was six. And I've had mixed opinions on the movies--they've all been good, in terms of dialogue, acting, effects, and so on, but they weren't RIGHT, they didn't FIT, they messed things up, and so on. :P Pretty much the same thing every Potter devotee will say.

HP7p2 did something virtually unheard of in the book-to-movie world: It followed the book. Not word-for-word, and not in every scene (especially the action scene, which was pretty different)... but everything that was changed made a good deal of sense. The action portrayed in the book just wouldn't have made a fantastic movie scene, and the scene that was put in the movie was, in my opinion, a more than acceptable substitute.

I laughed until I could barely breathe. I cried until my friends laughed at me for being a pansy (shut up, okay, Harry Potter WAS my childhood! xD). I was absolutely moved throughout. And the epilogue? I don't see what all the fuss was about; reshoot or not, I thought the makeup/cinematic effects were pretty amazing.

Potter fans won't be disappointed. And even my boyfriend, who is decidedly NOT a Potter fan, enjoyed it. 5 stars. :D
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Menu for week of 7/11 - 7/17

We're in the 100's, but Ian wanted spaghetti this week and we got a super deal on ground beef so we did a bunch of ground meat up-  a few meals worth of regular meatballs, some baby meatballs to make soup and a couple of meatloafs-  it's work, but much easier to make it all at once and use as needed than to have to make at each meal.  Plus, they are pre-baked so no more oven just drop in sauce, soup or use the meatloaf for sandwiches or nuke and we're good to go.

We aren't huge fans of once a month cooking (for several reasons, the main one being that we don't eat that many casseroles and/or the texture changes on most of them) but we love having a lot of easy meals we can toss together handy and by doing this it just gives us that many more options.  Plus, only one clean up. ;-)

As usual, the meals will probably not be eaten in this order, we'll go by what we're doing and how hot it is and how lazy we are ;-)  but here's what our menu looks like- what's cooking at your house this week?

Panko crusted oven baked fish; spicy oven fries; green beans; fresh fruit

Spaghetti with meatballs; garlic bread; salad.

Light and easy Chinese chicken salad

Baby back ribs; fresh sweet corn; potato packets with seasoning and onions all on the grill.

Italian beef sandwiches; fresh fruit

Crockpot Italian wedding soup; hot crusty bread; fresh fruit

Roasted or grilled chicken; refreshing berry salad

For more menu ideas, head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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Menu for week 7/4 - 7/10

Happy 4th of July to our fellow Americans.  Let freedom (continue to) ring for all.  Lots of goodies on sale this week so some good eating going on around here.  I'm a little late getting this up, but wanted to share the yumminess-  what's cooking at your house?

We had a family gathering up at Gram's for the holiday and feasted on burgers, dogs and brats with all the fixin's, broccoli salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, veggies and dip, watermelon and more yummy desserts than I could eat in a year or ten.

Fresh tilapia was on sale- we'll either do the foil pouches with peppers again or bake with a light cream sauce- maybe both served with a green salad and we'll call it good.

Eggplant parmesan (oven baked to save calories); chicken parmesan for the meatetarians; angel hair pasta;  garlic bread; lettuce, tomato and cuke salad.

Breakfast for dinner:  either waffles or pancakes made to order-  I like choco and white choco chips and macadamia nut waffles with a little butter on them, or possibly blueberry- if we go that way we'll make a mixed berry syrup to serve with.  Ian is on a bacon kick so if he wants bacon with we'll have that alongside.  Fresh fruit- probably melon.

Buffalo chicken pasta salad; fresh fruit

Dragon food - breaded fish will forever be known as dragon food around here thanks to How to Train Your Dragon (Gorton's potato breaded fish portions) with homemade tartar sauce; hush puppies; french fries; watermailman (one of the little divas had trouble saying watermelon so now of course it's always watermailman around here. ;-)

Light and easy Chinese chicken salad; dinner rolls

For more menu ideas head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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Happy List!


While we've had some rough spots, we have a lot of good things going on here at the Loonyverse!

Something that might seem small, but is a really big deal for me, is my new story. I know I have a great big mouth, but when it comes to my fiction I get really shy. So after a year of going around in circles about it, I finally started posting a serial novel! I have some more in the works, and a comic I am working on drawing out, and if this keeps getting good response I may even get the proverbial balls to post them, too! This first story is probably my favorite I have ever written, it is about space pirates! In a universe ruled by a tyrannical royal family who gained control by ruling over all the casters, and thus controlling which worlds are made inhabitable to most people, piracy has become a most lucrative career... but one not open to women most often. Our heroine Christian Ortega must pass herself off as a male if she hopes to survive the life she wants to live. I only have the first two chapters up, but so far its gotten a very good response. I hope you will all check out Illusion's Candor for me!

Another big deal- college! Gamer Girlie and Mini Dddiva are already enrolled, and I'm... working on it. But still! I should get to go! We are all very excited! Its a long time coming, for sure.

Rollerderby! Violence on wheels! Geekazoid and I are now part of Toadsuck Derby Dames! Might I add... before Thursday neither of us could skate. But they taught us, using one of those goober-walker things, and by the time we left they said we were picking up enough speed we might both be jammers! How awesome is that! It is a good way for us to be not so lazy, but not really feel like we are working out, because its fun.

Awesomeness for a friend! My dear Canadian Girlfriend Stacy (who has her own awesome site) is almost done writing her cookbook! It will be full of deliciousness, and I will update you as it is closer to published.

Lastly! Tomorrow is Geekazoid's birthdays! She will be a growned-up, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Happy almost birthday squeeker!
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