Quick update & We Want To Know Wednesday

Sorry for being out of the loop for so long- so much has been going on- good and bad but all FINALLY working out for the best!  that we've been terribly negligent with the blogs and visiting your blogs.  Hopefully that is at an end.

Just a quickie update then I am going to jump right back into WWTKW because- we're nosy, and we want to know, too. ;-)

After hospital vacay hospital and more hospital I seem to be stabalized- finally- yay.

3 older divas are all going to UCA this semester- and Dev starts her senior year in HS- yay.

Something really horrible that happened resolved in our favor without us having to reach down in the gutter like some people-  and it is better than we could have possibly hoped for had not the ugliness happened in the first place-  yay, yay, yay!

Dev's 18th birthday is Sunday, July 3rd and she's having a retro kiddie party complete with some of her fave fave fave luncbox treats from back in the day when we were so broke it was a super special time when they were snuck in-  Uncrustables, Lunchables, juice boxes, individual snack cakes and chips and we're making a giant cupcake for face smashing purposes and cupcakes and those dixie cup individual ice cream cups or the giant variety pack with cones, bars, cups etc-  as well as some fave childhood toys-  hula hoops, bubbles, pinwheels, those blow up balloon thingamadelios, frisbees, balls, water balloons, etc.  Everyone coming is uber excited about the theme-  doesn't take much-  it'll be at Toad Suck Park so lots of fun for all!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program- without further ado:


This week's questions are from Impulsive Addict:
{1} What was the last thing you searched for online? 
{2} If we visit your home state, what is one MUST we should do before leaving?
{3} What do you think pharmaceutical companies should invent a pill for that isn't on the market yet?
{4} When was your first kiss? Was it good or bad?
{5} What is your guilty pleasure tv show that you can not miss?

Q4 is from Amber @ Ambersmusingcorner.blogspot.com & Nadine @ velvettush.blogspot.com
Q5 is from Vandy @ tttandme.blogspot.com

1.  The last thing I searched for online was movie times for Dev

2. The state I am living in now- Arkansas - I would say go play at Toad Suck Park- or Toad Suck Daze is fun (the first time) though overpriced and since it is rained out so often the vendors are no longer the best.  Also, crystal or diamond mining.  I still (after 10 years) don't consider it HOME though, that would be New Hampshire since my mommy lives there-  and if you go there-  Hampton Beach, shopping (NO SALES TAX) and fall foilage are the must dos.

3. Energy- and I don't mean those fake shots that amp you up and make you crash- I mean real get up and go you only need an hours sleep a night energy.  And happiness.  True down in the gut happiness is something most of us forget a lot after childhood.

4.  My first kiss was in Kindergarten- a boy's older brother dared him to kiss me after he told him he thought I was cute and he did on top of a slide and I pushed him off and broke his arm.  Good or Bad?  Who remembers.  It was kind of funny, though. ;-)

5. Umm the only shows I watch regularly are Burn Notice and now Fairly Legal.  Anything else I can take or leave.  I don't feel guilty for either one.  Then again if I watched *insert any other show on here* I wouldn't feel guilty about it I don't mind people thinking I'm a fool.

So- how would you answer?  Link up and let me know and I'll stop by when I get a chance. 

Thanks, Mamarazzi, again for hosting all these fun link-ups for us to join in.  (I know there are co-hosts sometimes but I found them all from Mamarazzi. :)
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Friday Night Fish Fry - Ted's Fish Fry

On Fridays in the summer in upstate NY when we were kids we would stop and pick up Ted's Fish Fry on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Albany.

There were many many places to choose from serving fish fries, but for my family, there was only one worth going to.

Ted's Fish Fry was no fine dining establishment, rather a shack with a window you walked up to order from and a few wooden tables outside- you know the hole in the wall looking place that always seems to have the best food and draw huge crowds.  I believe it was the Watervliet location, but it has been a lot of years.

I have no idea what kind of fish they were, but they were really good, white and flaky (maybe haddock or scrod?) without a strong "fishy" aroma or flavor, lightly breaded and fried and not even a tiny bit greasy with a really fabulous red spicy/sweet chili (I think- again, it's been years)  sauce- one of the few ways I enjoy fish-  the ends were over the (hot dog) bun by inches on both sides and they were smothered in the sauce of choice.
Grandpa, who was a character and a half with a delightfully droll sense of humor (very Brit) used to say he hated everything and anything red, would complain every time dinner was served with ketchup or we had tomatoes or sauce on anything (of course a large part of his complaining was to annoy the bejeezus out of gramma but that was them). ;-)

Anyhoo, we always ordered grandpa 2 fish with tartar sauce, everyone else who had them got the amazing red sauce.   Now- grandpa grabs one (red!) and sets it next to his plate then another he opens and starts chowing down on- and the man was skinny - probably had the hollow leg, and the rest of us got what is lovingly referred to as the "Jackson Appetite" so there was lots, but NOBODY wanted the stupid tartar sauce when there was red sauce to be had so we kids always ended up having to split. 

Luckily, there were also massive quantities of really outstanding (light, not greasy, perfectly fried) onion rings to consume along with milkshakes.

Now before he started, he was always told that we ordered 2 special for him, but he just smiled and grabbed the red sauced ones, complained as he ate and kept tucking in.

For a few weeks this happened and nobody said anything to him beyond the fact that we had gotten him some of his with the sauce he liked - he would just eat them- complain, then tell gramma, "Well, guess you better put those other fish in the fridge and I'll eat them for a snack or lunch tomorrow, can't let good food go to waste".

The next Friday we got Ted's Fish Fry, we got him 4 thinking that it was just he wanted the extras, and we even told him but nope, same thing, he went for the red ones and ate two while complaining steadily. 

So, we think Grandpa liked the red sauce a lot, and just liked to complain, as well as having the extra food for "laters" because he would never give up taking the red sauced ones no matter how many we got, and he'd complain over and over how "you know I don't like anything with tomatoes blah blah blah" but he sure could put those fish away.

The latter thing was a given because he had an enormous appetite- the famous Jackson appetite, that those of us with good metabolism love and those of us who have stupid surgery and lose that metabolism or those of us not fortunate enough to have the gene HATE INSANELY because one thing we can do in my family is EAT!  Ha.  Even the ones who can't cook worth a darn.  *LOVE YOU MOMMY!*

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Mrs. Dash Blue Brie Burgers- AKA a mouth full of yum

We have been using Mrs. Dash in a lot of our cooking.  Some of our faves are:  foil packet veggies, oven roasted veggies, oven baked sweet potato fries and meats.  We've been experimenting with the varieties and suggest you do the same depending on what you are flavoring.

Remember, you can find a ton of recipes on the Mrs. Dash facebook page (a great one to like) but we also wanted to offer you one of our originals.

Not to brag, but I made the most delicious burgers ever the other day. As mom mentioned, we got blue brie on sale the other day... and now we are wishing we had bought more! It has the soft-salty taste of brie, with that wonderfulness of blue cheese without the crumbling. A bit strong to just sit and munch (not that that stopped me) but wonderful if cut with something... in this case, burger.

To make stuffed burgers, I make a thin flat patty with raised sides, kind of like a mini pie plate, fill with cheese (a thin bit of cheese if you want a cheese-flavored burger, which was perfect for these, or a big thick plop if you want a big gooey bite of cheese in the middle, works better with cheeses such as mozzarella), then top with another thin patty making sure to cinch the sides tightly closed- no one will be happy if all the cheese oozes out! Yes, your hands will get messy, but trust me it is worth it!

My usual burger seasoning is tasty but salty, and brie is a salty cheese... I could see this ending poorly. Luckily we had a Mrs.Dash burger seasoning, so I tried that... ooh it was good!  And did not make it taste too salty. Also, its healthier, which I supposed when we are talking cheese stuffed burgers every little bit helps! Or is mute. Ah well, either way it is tender juicy delicious cheesiness!

We broiled them due to the weather but they would be fabulous grilled as well. :)
What is your favorite way to make burgers?  I strongly recommend replacing your usual seasoning with Mrs. Dash-  it is really good- takes it to the next level.

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Mrs. Dash and received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”
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Menu for week of 6/27 - 7/3

Dev's birthday is on the 3rd and she wants a retro kiddie party so we're going all out with some of her fave school lunches (these were a real treat back in the day) and games/toys at Toad Suck Park- things like hula hoops, bubbles, water balloons, toy airplanes, etc.  We're also doing some cooking and baking- a turkey, lasagna and stuffed shells, etc since we got some deals and they sound really good.  Also have some bananas that need to get baked into some bread (I lost my fave recipe and haven't found a great one yet but will keep trying).  This is what's going on in our home this week- what's cooking at your house?

Spinach salad with grilled chicken breast, cherries, dried cranberries and candied walnuts with raspberry vinaigrette.

Lasagna; tossed salad; garlic bread  (Will be making extra to freeze- also stuffed shells).

BLT's; Ice cream floats.

Chef's salad with tons of veggies, turkey, hard boiled egg and cheese; choice of dressing.

Breakfast for dinner: fried egg sandwiches; fresh fruit.

Taste of Thanksgiving Rings; turkey gravy; hot dinner rolls; green salad with choice of dressing.

Dev's birthday dinner: Lunchables; Uncrustables; individual bags of baked chips; Giant Cupcake (for face smashing purposes); cupcakes; Dixie cups (individual ice cream cups); ice cold watermelon; juice boxes.

For more menu ideas, head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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Menu for week of 6/20 - 6/26

Hot hot hot so lots of easy meals.  Since I lost all the weight I wanted (yay) I'm back to eating what the rest of the family eats.  We'll be posting about our trip to Mexico- and Dev will probably get some pics uploaded (ha- we have the laze- it's HOT!) this week some time.  Sorry it's taking so long- I went straight from the airport to the ER and got admitted- kind of sucks to have your hospital stay longer than your vacation, but oh well, it is what it is and we're getting back to normal.

Looking forward to catching up with my fave bloggers and seeing what y'all are up to.  Here's what's cooking at our house this week.

Father's day leftovers- brats on buns with caramelized onions; potato salad; deviled eggs; creamy cucumbers; fresh fruit

Turkey clubs; ice cream floats; fresh fruit

Grilled burgers stuffed with a new to us cheese- brie/blue (it was knocked down from $8 to $2.49 who could pass it up?) served on onion buns with caramelized vidalia onions, lettuce, tomato and pickles; spicy sweet potato fries; fresh fruit

Ham and cheese roll ups; baby tomatoes; baby carrots; whole grain club crackers and boursin or hummus; fresh fruit

Big salad with grilled chicken; fruit, cheese, nuts and choice of dressings

Corn dogs with choice of condiments; crudeties and fresh fruit

Pasta salad with Italian dressing, mozzarella, proscuitto, pepperoni and tons of veggies; quick bake Sister Schubert rolls with butter/garlic salt topping

For more menu ideas head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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Menu for week of 6/6 - 6/12

This will be an easy week for us since Dev and I leave very early Friday for Cancun.  Finally! <3  We're so excited.  It's our first time out of the country unless you count Canada (we don't because we drove to Alaska from New Hampshire and didn't even need a passport W.A.Y. back then).  BTW if you are driving through Canada, I do not recommend going in November.  Just sayin'.

It's also crazy hot already, so light meals are good right now.  Lots of fruit because we get a lot when it is at the peak of flavor for a good price and we all (except Ken) love it. 

Homemade subs; fresh fruit (the watermelon is so good this year, I think I have eaten my weight many times over.

BBQ pulled pork w/homemade coleslaw - Sweet Baby Rays has a new (to us) sweet/spicy bbq sauce that is wonderful;  fresh fruit, probably pineapple.

Chicken salad with cherries, grapes, celery and macadamia nuts w/veggies in tortilla wraps; chips.

Hot dogs (very spoiled, only like the Oscar Mayer Angus ones but they had a b1g1 at Kroger this week so only $3 a pack) with choice of toppings; fresh fruit.

After this everyone is on their own til we get back.  I know on the 12th (Dawn's Birthday) they are doing crab legs-  Happy birthday baby girl.  Make sure to air the stink outta my house before I get home, m'kay?

Have a great week everyone, what's cooking at your house this week?  For more menu ideas head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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