WWTKW what are your food quirks?


Thanks to the lovely Mamarazzi and Alicia aka Queso for hosting once again.

{1} What is one thing (food or drink) that you MUST have everyday?

Coffee is the hands down winner here.

{2} What is your "go to" food when you don't feel well/need comfort?

It's gross, but Lipton noodle soup with real chicken broth with white mushy bread torn up (Wonder)

{3} Is there a dish that you make that people request when they visit your home/a family favorite?  

The top 3 are our lasagna (NO ONE knows it is meatless, it's that hearty)  actually anything with our all day sauce; Tex Mex Casserole & (seasonal) my pathetically easy to make fudge-  it wins EVERY TIME and people beg the girls for it.

{4} What are 3 foods you have TRIED, do not like and will NEVER eat again?  

Brussel sprouts-  little green balls of grossness; organ meat (NO, it's not that I just haven't had it cooked right, it's just nasty) and greens for the same reason-  there's not enough bacon in the world.  (I can deal with organic baby spinach but THAT's IT.

and our final question comes from Dee@ HomesickCajun
{5} What's one thing that you love to eat that most people would think is weird and/or gross??  

Most people find it odd that I can't eat mac & cheese (no matter if it is homemade gourmet or from a little blue box or shaped like bunnies) without drowning it in either salsa, piccalilli, chutney or even bbq sauce if I am desperate, I just can't stand it plain.  Then again, for the most part I prefer condiments to real food. 

How about you?  What are your food quirks?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Link up *points to cute button on top* and play along.  Going to add this to the party then run errands if the stupid car decides to work then check out the other participants.  

XOXOX Dddiva

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