What's your factor? and other random stuff w/LINKY

*If you know me you probably already know I have a serious sensitivity to stink.  I am in fact known as the shower police around here and have screwed up my girls so badly that they (the two little's, especially) do random pit checks.  In public.  And don't bother to try to be subtle, after all, sniffing yourself to see if you have a factor is much better than actually smelling to high heaven.  Or even smelling a little bit not fresh as a daisy.

I take my parenting job seriously, and after all they need something to talk about in therapy.  If you don't make your kid need therapy (they always blame it on the mother) you weren't doing your job.  Or maybe I'm just a whack job.  Oh wait, that's a definite, but still.

My poor nephew is a mechanic and takes like a zillion showers a day to make sure he's not got a factor.  A hideous insult when he was living with us between him and the girls was "you smell like Taco Bell".

When I think someone is getting a little close to the 24 hour mark since the last shower, I put on my cop hat and go after them saying "shower police, shower police, I can see the factor forming from here".

They're on each other as well, if they get a whiff walking by they will say factor 2 or whatever.  (It's a major crime to get that much of a factor around here, let alone higher.)  If someone tells you you need a shower, you drop what you are doing and go take one immediately.  Yes, it's worth being late for school or work for.

Over the years we've come across many offenders- here are some of the worst:

Half of Alaska-  you know who you are.  It was a major issue there- some from people not having indoor plumbing (and no, we weren't living in the boonies) some I guess just didn't care.  Even in the nicer malls and restaurants.  *gag*

Coverer uppers - you know who you are too - instead of a shower you swipe at the pits with a damp cloth (maybe) and then put on your deodorant and spray (usually cheap) perfume.  You don't smell better, you just stink with a heavy overtone of sticky sweet.

Random chick at the gym who works up a *huge* sweat then uses dry shampoo, does the coverer upper trick of swiping the pits and swiping the deodorant then instead of even changing clothing sprays herself with Febreze.  YOU ARE GROSS - take a damn shower, water, shampoo & soap are your friends.

People who have sweated, thoroughly wash their pits, deodorize and put on clean clothes.  Your body still sweated and still stinks, it's just different than pit stink but you have a factor.

Anyone who uses cheap perfume (drugstore toilet water 5 bucks for a thousand year supply) - same with guys who slap on that nasty cheap aftershave or cologne.  Even if you shower daily and don't have body odor.  To borrow a phrase from mama 2-  that's yucky!

Now that I've written a novel and gotten you on the right path to a negative factor, here's some more of our random this week:

*In addition to the rescued pup, we have yet another new pet, Dawn got a *insert all the specifics meaning fancy ass* baby parrot looking thingy (Conure or something).  Obviously 5 dogs, demon psycho cat and the majorly derpy dog weren't enough of a zoo.  (Pics coming soon-  if I can get someone to actually upload to a place I can find them maybe for WW tomorrow.)

*Ken's blog is really coming along-  It's called Grumbling Man, partly cuz he's a grumbler, partly because for as long as I have known him he's sang that song Rambling Man as Grumbling man til we told him the real words.   He still sings it his way.  Lord I was born a Grumbling Man- and boy was he!!!

If you enjoy esoteric historical facts and/or politics, you should check it out.

*I've been putting a lot of time into our food blog, especially with making up different types and styles of menu plans with tons of samples and one of my fave ever posts-  A New Way Of Looking At Food that has to do with body image and dieting and the like.  I also like our food memory posts-  not a ton yet, but I think it's fun sometimes to look back and remember.  If you are into cooking and / or eating, we'd love it if you stopped by for a visit over at  Divas Cuisine.

*The 3 girls in school are super busy but enjoying themselves and we couldn't be happier but boy oh boy tough courseloads this year.  And lots of running, lots and lots of running.

*(Ki has a not so super secret thing with the guy we *ALL* knew she belonged/wanted to be with.  Neither of them had  a clue, but apparently his family thought the same thing.  They've known each other since high school.

*I made another awesome playlist - uplifting songs.  I will warn you if you youtube with me my uplifting choices will not necessarily be yours-  no Walking on Sunshine here.  These are just songs that make me happy every time I hear them and it totally fits in with our random theme.  I don't have a ton on there- less than 30 songs (I never remember names or artists and have to hit one at the right time and remember to add) but so far it's dominated by Matchbox Twenty.  I have such diverse choices as Unwell by Matchbox Twenty, Buck Cherry's Crazy B*tch, Shinedown's If You Only Knew, You Spin My Head Right Round by flo rida and Gives You Hell (I know, I know, but I LOVE thinking people remember me and are sorry :P) by All American Rejects.  Plus, how can you not love such lyrics as "Truth be told I miss you.  Truth be told I'm lying.  When you see my face hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell.  When you walk my way hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell."  I did give you fair warning by saying my own kids say I don't have a mean streak I have a nice one. ;-)

I had better skedaddle, I think I wrote more here than I did all last month.  What's your random this week?  Play along if you want to.

Have a great random week.
XOXOX Dddiva

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