'Fess Up Already


We're once again joining up with the lovely Mamarazzi to play along with the Friday Confessionals.  Here's what we're ready to admit to this week:

I confess:

If we don't stop passing the sicko germs around I am going to go whacko.  It seems like we're spending more on meds than food lately.

Our go to comfort food in times of illness is seriously gross, but it's what we do-  boxed Lipton Noodle Soup with Real Chicken Broth served over 3 slices of torn up squishy mushy white bread (think Wonder).

When we're on the mend we switch to crackers, either oyster crackers or saltines.  Yes, we know they are the very basic of the most basic and if we run out and only have fancy crackers (which is our usual choice) whoever can drag themselves has to go stock up.  NOT THE WHOLE WHEAT ONES EITHER!  LOL when we're sick ONLY the worst possible choices we can make will do. ;-)

We were seriously disappointed-  we found a new (to us) Reese's candy bar that is pb filled squares (the giant ones that Kroger has on special 3 for $4).  The chocolate to pb ratio is way way off and the pb is entirely wrong consistency.  Luckily we only got one an had Hershey's with Almond's and a Symphony to console us.

Someone lost yet another memory card (I think- the doohickey that makes the camera work) and swiped mine so once more I can't access what I need to or take any pics.  I really need to stop letting someone borrow mine, but she has the GOOD ONE and doesn't want to risk leaving that at school when she brings her projects into her advanced photog class.

Even though we took a really long break from it, we're excited to be back to offering our readers the chance to win prizes again.  Check our sidebar out to see if you might be interested in.

If I have to listen to Ken listen to the dumb old debates for the next year + one of us will probably be dead by the time of the elections.  I REALLY need good noise canceling headphones.  I can hear his tv over my music (he is about 90% deaf in one ear and not sure but partially in the other from working many many years in a machine shop so I can't really ask him to turn it down more than I do already-  I do say do NOT under any circumstances turn the volume up over halfway-  of course he does when I leave but what're you going to do?).

I know the important things going on in the world but I don't watch the news/politics etc because I try to surround myself with more positive things than negative.

I need to go pick up Gamer Girlie then take her to get YET ANOTHER prescription then I will pick the winner for the Carmex prize pack and get them emailed then start visiting as many of the confessors as I can.

What are you confessing this week?  Click the button up top and play along if you like.

Have a great week.
XOXOX Dddiva

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