Sample 4 week menu plan for theme night method

While some may consider this type of plan boring, we're going to show you a variety of meals that fall under the specific theme but are vastly different.  You can schedule your meals around how much time you have to prepare and eat them.  Say Tuesdays are game day and everyone has a different schedule- perfect day to get the crockpot going with something that everyone can grab and go.  If you observe lent you can get into the habit of having your meatless meals on Fridays.  If Saturday is your family fun night (when the girls were little we always had Conrad family night at the movies where we made some of their favorite fast food treats or got take out).  Menu planning is supposed to make YOUR life easier, so go with what works for you.

Here is a 4 week sample menu with each night falling under a specific theme, but you will notice it's not boring- no eating the same old same old.  We eat leftovers for lunch or planned second meals most of the time although we do have some eat whatever doesn't eat you first aka leftovers aka eat what you want that you can make yourself meals, you can certainly plan a leftover night into your menu plan to avoid waste.

Monday - Soup and sandwich
   Week 1 Roasted butternut squash soup; roasted veggie & havarti paninis
   Week 2 Tomato bisque soup; grilled cheese & green chili sandwiches
   Week 3 Hearty potato cheese soup in bread bowls
   Week 4 Chicken, veggie and rice soup; grilled cheese & tomato sandwiches

Tuesday - meatloaf
   Week 1 Mini meatloaf cupcakes topped with cheese and iced with mashed potatoes; zucchini in tomato sauce; corn
   Week 2 Veggie stuffed rolled turkey meatloaf; steamed Normandy blend veggies (frozen); creamy cucumbers
   Week 3 Classic diner meatloaf with mushroom gravy (alternatively, top with catsup or tomato sauce sweetened with brown sugar); mashed potatoes; green beans; dinner salad (for authenticity use iceberg lettuce, a few slices of cucumber and a slice of tomato with either french or ranch dressing)
   Week 4 Sweet & sour ham or pork loaf; brown and wild rice; grilled pineapple; petit pois peas with pearl onions and mushrooms

Wednesday - breakfast for dinner
   Week 1 Biscuits with sausage & gravy; scrambled eggs; fresh melon
   Week 2 Stuffed french toast; bacon; fresh fruit
   Week 3 Baked deviled egg casserole served over english muffins; asparagus
   Week 4 Blueberry pancakes; canadian bacon; fresh fruit

Thursday - crockpot
   Week 1 Italian beef shredded for sandwiches on onion rolls with cheese of choice; carrot, celery and cuke sticks with dressing of choice for dipping
   Week 2 Beef stew; hot crusty french bread w/butter
   Week 3 Pulled pork sliders on Hawaiian sweet rolls; coleslaw
   Week 4 Spicy black bean chili garnished with sour cream, shredded cheese and sliced green onions; cornbread muffins

Friday - meatless or seafood
   Week 1 Easy tilapia w/veggies; seasoned mixed (wild and brown) rice; tossed salad
   Week 2 Lentil tacos (red or pink lentils cooked and seasoned with taco seasoning), hard or soft shells and all the trimmings
   Week 3 Tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad or easy tuna mac salad; easiest ever freezer pickles; Hawaiian sweet rolls
   Week 4 Baked eggplant parmesan; angel hair pasta w/marinara; pineapple salad

Saturday - junk food / take out
   Week 1 Triple decker BLT's on 12 grain toast or Cali clubs w/turkey & avocado; milkshakes or malteds
   Week 2 Cheeseburgers; oven baked sweet potato fries; root beer floats
   Week 3 Chili cheese dogs; oven fried onion rings; cherry limeades
   Week 4 Pizza; tossed salad; ice cream sodas

Sunday - big family dinner
   Week 1 Yummy baked ham; mashed potatoes; carrot & raisin salad; sesame green beans; hot french bread with butter
   Week 2 Lasagna; garlic bread; salad
   Week 3 Perfect pot roast w/veggies; oven roasted broccoli & cauliflower; hot fresh dinner rolls
   Week 4 Chicken & dumplings; oven roasted potatoes, baby carrots & pearl onions; marinated tomato and cucumber salad

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