Sample 1 week menu plan using no time to cook method

Say Sunday you have a bit of free time, here's what we're going to do:

Grill some boneless/skinless chicken breasts (or your fave part- you can even make a rotisserie style slow cooker chicken or buy one from your favorite deli)- enough for 2 meals - shred or dice half for salad;
Brown up ground beef - enough for 2 meals
Make a pork roast with veggies for dinner that night and shred the rest then add your favorite bbq sauce for pulled pork sandwiches another night.  Toss in some potatoes while the roast is baking for later in the week.
Here's how the week will play out.
While the meats are cooking you can chop up any veggies, shred cheese, etc so you can just add to your dishes when you are ready to use them.

Very little work yields delicious, healthy home cooked meals for even your busiest weeknights.

Sunday - pork roast with new potatoes, baby carrots &; pearl onions (use frozen); green beans; Hawaiian sweet rolls
Monday - chicken salad wraps- mixed diced chicken with craisins, walnuts and diced apple with mayo or mayo & sour cream blend & curry powder.  Serve in tortillas or flatbreads with organic baby spinach.  Baked chips round out the meal.
Tuesday - tacos- heat one portion of ground beef with taco seasoning according to directions (can also heat in salsa) while that's cooking, chop a couple of tomatoes, shred some lettuce, get out whatever else you like in your tacos then heat the shells and everyone can make their own.
Wednesday - pasta w/veggies - boil some water to cook up some medium noodles of your choice-  when they are almost done add in some frozen veggies of choice and continue cooking til done.  Drain then toss with half butter half olive oil, salt & pepper and freshly grated parmesan cheese.
Thursday - pulled pork sandwiches - heat up the shredded pork in bbq sauce and serve on your favorite sturdy rolls with coleslaw.
Friday - grilled chicken salad- mix together a bag of organic baby spinach with your fave salad blend, add diced or shredded chicken, grapes, shredded cheese, sliced almonds & your fave dressing; whole grain crackers.
Saturday - baked potato sloppy joes - mix ground beef with your favorite sloppy joe mix (we like using bbq sauce) and heat for 15 minutes so flavors meld.  Meanwhile, nuke pre-baked potatoes then cut in half and rough chop partially through then top with sloppy joe mix and cheese if desired.  Serve with sweet corn.
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