Sample 1 week menu plan for all 4 seasons

With few exceptions, we really enjoy eating seasonally.  The produce is vine ripened, the cooking is suited to the weather and we just prefer eating lighter in the warmer months.  It's also, unless you have a bad crop year cheaper to eat this way.

Here are plans for 4 weeks, 1 week for each season.

Spring - the weather is warmer but we can still cook without heating up the house to unbearable so mostly lighter meals but the oven is still an option.
Monday - cream of asparagus soup; chef salad with ham, cheese and tons of veggies
Tuesday - beef and broccoli stir fry; brown rice
Wednesday - chicken fajitas with onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa and homemade guacamole
Thursday blueberry waffles with blueberry syrup, sausage, sliced honeydew
Friday - crawfish, shrimp &/or crab boil with potatoes, onions, and corn
Saturday - seasoned panko crusted oven baked pork chops with mango/peach salsa; steamed baby carrots lightly sauteed in coconut oil with a dab of butter and dill
Sunday - bbq chicken quarters; grilled seasoned potatoes and onions in foil pouches; broccoli salad

Summer - the 90's quickly move into the triple digits and it stays in the hundreds way too long and even with a decent AC unit, the house heats up into the 80s in the afternoons so heating up a big oven is the last thing we want to do so cool or light foods are in order.

Monday - grilled brats with caramelized onions on buns; macaroni salad; cucumber and onion slices marinated in red wine vinegar with a touch of sugar
Tuesday - buffalo chicken pasta salad
Wednesday - grilled veggie burgers; potato salad
Thursday - main dish caprese salad
Friday - fish fry with hush puppies and homemade tarter sauce; sweet corn on the cob; sliced tomatoes
Saturday - steak salad with sauteed mushrooms & caramelized onions
Sunday - homemade submarine sandwiches; baked potato chips

Fall - the temps are falling and we can (sometimes) turn the oven on though there is bound to be a round or two of Indian summer before the cool is here for good so we want our meals on the heartier side.

Monday - chicken & sausage gumbo made easy with our oven baked roux; rice
Tuesday - oriental chicken wings; easy lo mein
Wednesday - pork & apple cheddar melt on toasted honey oatmeal bread; applesauce
Thursday - cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham and petit pois peas;
Friday - Italian style sausage and pepper subs with mushrooms, onions and meatless spaghetti sauce topped with provolone lightly browned under the broiler
Saturday - red beans & rice with ham & sausage (aka heart attack on a plate); thickly sliced tomato and onion simply seasoned with salt and pepper
Sunday - oven roasted chicken; roasted root vegetables; beets (plain or pickled)

Winter - the wind whips through you and when we have an ice storm it is bitterly cold and you feel like you'll never be warm again.  In the summer we'll forget all about freezing our tushies off, but for now it's comfort we want, and a nice hot meal is the way to get it.

Monday - crawfish fettuccini; mixed green salad
Tuesday - chicken fried round steak with mashed potatoes and cream gravy; petit pois peas &/or corn; tossed salad
Wednesday - beef stroganoff served over wide egg noodles; steamed carrot coins with butter and dill
Thursday - slow cooker old fashioned Polish style cabbage rolls; mashed potatoes; baked apples
Friday -  western style omelet with ham, peppers & onions; salsa; rye toast; citrus fruit cup (white & pink grapefruit, oranges)
Saturday - spaghetti & meatballs with all day sauce; cheesy garlic bread; pineapple salad
Sunday - slow cooker beef stew; hot buttered dinner rolls

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