Random thoughts & more free printables.

We're calling this better late than never since I am counting the minutes til bedtime.

I had time to randomize earlier but not the inclination-  I was too busy having a personal little pity party while plotting the demise of my temporarily craptacular circumstances.  I'm over it.  I pretty much roll that way-  have a major pissy fit (usually at the top of my lungs tossing bombs at whoever is brave (or dumb) enough to be in my way - then I am back to looking for the good in life.  Mostly the good wins but if I try to hold things in instead of getting them out nobody and nothing in my path is safe.

If you are depending on others to keep the levels all checked  (in your car) don't stop nagging when they say they will take care of it-  nag the hell out of them so you don't seize up in a very inconvenient place.  Just sayin'.

I think it should be a punishable offense if you leave your mother's closet door open when there's a puppy on the loose.  A puppy who eats every dang thing including glitter (should be interesting potty breaks for the next couple of days, anyways).  Memo to self-  find a way to get new sandals and flip flops before Hawaii.

You know you aren't going to have your best day ever when SOMEONE forgets to make your coffee for the morning.

Especially when the idiot dogs hear some neighborhood dogs barking and start going berserk almost an hour before your alarm goes off.

I actually just like to whine sometimes (I know, right?  but I do.)  Not very often as I totally believe in LOA but I am human enough to like bitching and moaning now and then.

As I've mentioned earlier-  I have been working on the other blog and along with the printable menus I will be doing when we make ours so people can get ideas if they like (I know a LOT of people who hate figuring out what's for dinner) I also made some blank templates so people who do like planning can print them out-  also a shopping list- and a blank menu w/shopping list on the same page.

Both of Dev's pics placed in the regional competition.  What's funny is one was taken with my digital camera and the other was taken literally 5 minutes before class.  Both are awesome, she's got some mad skills.

Ki is over the moon with wedding plans.  Earth to Kyra-  FOCUS.

More but this is long enough I better stop so I have a little bit of time to visit some of the other random goodness.  Thanks for keeping the torch, Stacy.

Click that button up there & leave us a comment if you're playing along.

XOXOX Dddiva

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