Pretty review and giveaway

I'm a reader.

That's not unique; it's a trait lovingly passed down in my family, and growing up, pleas for "just one more chapter" before bed always became three or four. Luckily, I have the best mommy ever, and she usually indulged me.

I read all kinds of books, from nonfiction to fantasy, but my favorite sort of book is one that's not easy to read. If it's formulaic and I can swallow it in four hours or less, that's all well and good, but I really love a book I can sink my teeth into.

Breakout novelist Jillian Lauren's book Pretty is not an easy read. I picked it up; I set it down; I picked it up again. Not because it wasn't good (quite the opposite, actually), but because it was intense.

Pretty follows the life of Bebe Baker, an "ex-everything" (including stripper, Christian, addict and pretty girl) as she tries to make her life over in a halfway house. I won't give any details further than that, because I hate hate HATE spoilers.

It's the sort of book that keeps you thinking after you crawl into bed and shut out the lights, not the sort you can put down and forget about... even if you try. It's haunting in the best possible way.

Check out @jillylauren's new book, Pretty-

And we're giving away one free copy! To enter, leave a comment telling us the best book you read this summer.

Entries are due FRIDAY, Sept. 16th 11.59 pm

We received two copies of the book as part of a Global Influence campaign- one to read and one to give away.  We were not compensated in any other way.

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