A New Way To Look At Food via Abraham-Hicks

So many of us struggle with food, specifically what we should eat.  

Females especially struggle with  body image, so much so that talking about what diets we are on, how many calories are in what and how to get the most nutrition to fill up are major topics of conversation among almost every gathering of women.  

What is good for us and what is bad, superfoods, what causes cancer, etc.

We don't want our children to go through what we did/do, so we are pushing our school aged children to watch their weight if they have the least little bit of pudge or baby fat on them.

If you read our blog Our Loonyverse, you know I am a big proponent of law of attraction, and had a huge aha moment -  what we focus on is what we attract.  DUH!  Talk about a derp moment.

I invite you to look at food in a new, life transforming way- a look at food that puts things into perspective, for me at least.  It's not about what I eat, but about how I feel about my body and what I put into it.  

This is a rampage of appreciation on food from my favorite spiritual teachers, Abraham (as channeled by Esther Hicks)-  when we KNOW this, food and our weight will no longer be an issue for us.  Before you dismiss it out of hand, really read it, and see if you don't feel that it makes a lot more sense than the fad diets, the expert opinions that turn out to be false a few years down the line, the torture and torment we put ourselves through trying to live up to some glamorized ideal.  

I love to eat.
Food is my friend.
I always choose well.
I know what to do.
There is a lot of variety in my life.
My body knows what to do with it.
I'm coming more and more into alignment.
It feels good to eat.
It feels good to feel my body.
Food is for family.
Food is for entertainment.
Food is for refreshment.
Entertainment is a big part of food.
Food is for frolicking.
Food is for celebration.
Food is for love.
Food is about love.
Food is about maintaining this magnificent vessel.
Food is my friend.
I adore my body.
My body is so good to me.
My body knows what to do.
I'm so in alignment.
I am so connected to Source.
My Source adores what I am eating.
My Source has inspired this eating.
My Inner Being is eating through me.
My Inner Being is adoring what I am eating.
My Inner Being is maintaining the energy of my body.
My metabolism is carefully attended to.
My machine is functioning perfectly.
I'm fueling it just right.
It's performing just right.
My moments are powerful moments.
Life is so good to me.
Food is my friend.
Food is fuel.
Food is fun.
Food is so good.
My body is so stable.
My body is so sure.
It is made of up so much intelligence.
It knows what to do.
I am in alignment with all of this.
Life is so good.
When do we eat!?

What do you think?  I am going to read this a couple of times a day, remind myself what my inner being already knows, and give up the constant struggle and just let it go and enjoy my life, my body and my food!

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  1. great post and some really good advice