MPM menu for week of 9/12 - 9/18

It's been a bit on the cooler side in the mornings and evenings so I've been in the mood for soups-  made up huge pots of tomato based veggie and a chicken broth based mushroom and froze several containers-  6 quarts and 11 pints along with what got eaten.  I wasn't a soup fan except when we went out as mom wasn't much of a cook and what I knew was the red & white label.  Now I know that they are extremely easy and so much yummier and a lot healthier without all the sodium.  We'll munch on those whenever along with or in place of the meals (remember, I live with picky people so whenever someone doesn't like what we are having they can have soup and maybe some bread or rolls).

On that note, here's what's on the menu for the week:

Corned beef with potatoes, carrots & pearl onions, fresh hot dinner rolls.

Breakfast for dinner:  Finnish oven pancake w/berries & fresh whipped cream; sausage & fresh fruit.

An oven roasted dinner this evening:  chicken; potatoes and pearl onions; broccoli; salad.

Veggie stir fry served over brown rice.

Fruited crunchy chicken salad (grapes, cranberries, apples, celery, walnuts) rolled up in flatbread wraps w/organic baby spinach; baked chips.

Easy pork chops & rice casserole; steamed Tuscany blend veggies.

Fruit & cheese platter served with crackers.

For more menu ideas head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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