Confession time again


This week, I confess:

I have been in an exceptionally great mood.

I now own the most adorable boots in the history of adorable boots.  

We have added YET ANOTHER pet to our little zoo.  Dawn's.  And I will let her tell you all about it.

I am enjoying the heck out of this cooler weather.

We are going to take advantage of Dev's double discount this weekend (remember, she works at TJ Maxx and a few times a year they offer 20% off to employees instead of the normal 10).

I am currently a sassy, feisty redhead.  Well, I am always sassy and feisty but now I have the red hair to go with.  Loving the color, iffy on the bangs.  Just a huge change that I am going to need to get used to.

I will get a couple of giveaways up before the weekend is over.  Tonight if I am lucky.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday morning-  I should be used to it, but I  loathe the alarm -  of course one might say that a senior in high school shouldn't need mommy to wake her up in the morning, but that's how we roll.  We just aren't morning people so we need to nag each other out of bed. ;-)

I have a really great start on Christmas presents- that- yes, I have WON.  :D

There comes a point where little boy handprints and dog snout slobber on the windows moves from adorable to disgusting.  Our windows and sliding glass doors are WAY beyond disgusting.  Maybe someday they will get cleaned, or maybe we'll let them go til they are blackout shades. ;-)

That's enough confessing for this week- join on in by clicking the button at the top of the post and let us know what you're confessing this week.

XOXOX Dddiva
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