Carmex review & giveaway - ends 9/22 ENTER SOON

With 4 girls, you can imagine the amount of lip glosses, balms and other products we go through so we're delighted to be Carmex Blog Squad members.

Recently we were fortunate enough to receive 3 new products to try out and review and once again, Carmex managed to hit on a winner.  Dev snagged them up before the rest of us had a chance and her fave is the vanilla  click stick, but the clear satin gloss has become a staple - she uses it alone or over lipstick.

As usual, your lips are super soft and yummilicious and the click sticks have an spf of 15 so you're protected from the most harmful rays.

Pick them up, you won't be disappointed.  It's a little early yet, but the Carmex family of products make wonderful stocking stuffers if you are daily users.  (And if you aren't, you should be.  The regular Carmex is also great for guys.

THE GIVEAWAY:  One of our readers is going to receive the same package that we received which includes:

  • 1 Carmex Lime Twist click stick
  • 1 Carmex Vanilla click stick
  • 1 Certified Awesome Picnic blanket* (it's really cute)
  • 1 Carmex Moisture Plus® clear satin gloss finish

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