Totally Random Tuesday- Betcha Didn't Know and FREE YOGURT

Betcha didn't know:

How nice I am.  So nice that where others say they have a mean streak, my kids say I have a nice streak.

That instead of a good imp or bad imp (or an angel and a devil) sitting on my shoulders tempting me, I have 2 lil' devils.  This from the sweetest woman in the world, my mother in law, who adores me.

That the new puppy Max has already incorporated himself fully into our home.  Oy, who needs or wants 6 dogs, but he's a prissy little diva and fits right in with our f*cked up family.

That Kyra is going to spend next week in Virginia on the beach and we're all totally jealous.  Her sisters are planning on replacing her sunscreen with itching cream so she doesn't have too good of a time without us.  (KIDDING)

Dawn and Casey start UCA next week already-  I'd ask where the summer has gone but it's right here kicking our butts with 100+ degree heat.

Dev's almost ready for her senior year to start, but she's a week behind the college girls.

My baby (Groucho) was lost for a few days- first time ever- and he does NOT like the cruel world.  Shih tzu's are notoriously hard to keep well groomed anyways but after 3 days wandering he came home matted and with a fish hook through his lip poor poor baby.  We're slowly cutting the mats out and getting the stinky swamp smell off of him but it's a slow laborous process and his tail and paws are so tightly bound it's unreal.
The best we can figure is that someone found him because we got a call (girls had passed out our number) day he was lost and he was gone when we went to retrieve him so we think he escaped and then somehow got turned around and couldn't find his way back home.  He was found a little over a mile away when some people were docking their boat.  They were going to take him home because he looked so lonely and pathetic but then saw one of our fliers and called so he's back safe and sound and with the most hideous haircut known to man.  We'll forever be grateful to the couple who returned him to us.

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