Poor service at Kay Jewelers...

Geekazoid here.

At the local mall tonight, I went to Kay Jewelers with three of my friends.. We're all eighteen, and look young. One of my friends was looking for a pair of earrings; she's allergic to any lesser quality metal than 24 ct gold. We decided to look around before hitting the earrings (because... why not?).

When we had been there for maybe five minutes, a security guard walked up to us and informed us that the store manager had asked him to tell us to leave the premises. He then ordered us out and followed us until we were well clear of the store, then stood for several moments watching us (to, I presume, ensure that we didn't go back in).

We weren't being loud. We weren't causing trouble or loitering or spending excess amounts of time in the store. We were told to leave because of our age.

My friend went back a few minutes later and requested a phone number to file a complaint, and was simply informed that the mall office would be open on Monday. I went ahead and contacted Kay via their website instead; that was just a few minutes ago, so of course no response yet. I'll update when there is one.

I understand that they don't want a bunch of people just browsing their store with no intention of buying anything. But just because my friends and I look young, they assumed that we were only there to waste time, and they not only lost business but angered a blogger (never a good idea :P). It was blatant age discrimination, and NOT okay.

While I enjoy Kay products and my friend has previously bought several (really nice) pairs of earrings there, I certainly won't be going back if they're going to kick me out because I'm a teenager and look like one. Next time we want to buy jewelry when at the mall, we'll be taking our business to Pandora or Zales.
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