Favorite light summer meal- what do you eat when the temps soar in the triple digits?

When the weather is in the triple digits and your energy is sapped, the last thing you want to do is cook or eat a heavy meal.  We do a lot of sandwiches, salads and yogurt parfaits.  Stir-fry or pasta when we're feeling ambitious.

It reminded me of growing up, after we moved from New York to New Jersey, one of our favorite things to do for a light summer supper was stop at one of the vegetable stands along the side of the road (they were everywhere except the highways/freeways/toll roads it seemed like).

We would get some nice big red Jersey tomatoes that covered the whole slice of bread and some juicy ears of sweet corn picked fresh that day.

We would have sliced tomatoes with mayo, salt and pepper and some sweet corn boiled with a touch of sugar for just long enough to heat through and it was a feast.  The corn would be dripping in butter and salted liberally and it was always fun to watch how everyone ate it- there was the round and round from one end working to the other, the typewriter who made neat little rows across, the alternating ends working towards the center and the random bites just wherever.

The next day we would have tomato sandwiches for lunch, made a little bit ahead of time- one fat slice of tomato, mayo and a dash of salt, grind of pepper.  For us, they were even better if they sat for a bit and got soggy, perhaps taken to a park to eat or in the living room for a picnic on "library day".

Simple, even plain food but oh so good, the memories can bring me back to childhood.

I have had delicious home grown tomatoes since moving from New Jersey, mine and others,  but none quite as good.  I tease that it's the pollution / toxic waste dumped into the water that makes them so much better than tomatoes you can get anywhere else, but so far it's not been tested, at least not to my knowledge.

Do you have any simple pleasure meals for summer?  We'd love to know what they are.

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