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While we've had some rough spots, we have a lot of good things going on here at the Loonyverse!

Something that might seem small, but is a really big deal for me, is my new story. I know I have a great big mouth, but when it comes to my fiction I get really shy. So after a year of going around in circles about it, I finally started posting a serial novel! I have some more in the works, and a comic I am working on drawing out, and if this keeps getting good response I may even get the proverbial balls to post them, too! This first story is probably my favorite I have ever written, it is about space pirates! In a universe ruled by a tyrannical royal family who gained control by ruling over all the casters, and thus controlling which worlds are made inhabitable to most people, piracy has become a most lucrative career... but one not open to women most often. Our heroine Christian Ortega must pass herself off as a male if she hopes to survive the life she wants to live. I only have the first two chapters up, but so far its gotten a very good response. I hope you will all check out Illusion's Candor for me!

Another big deal- college! Gamer Girlie and Mini Dddiva are already enrolled, and I'm... working on it. But still! I should get to go! We are all very excited! Its a long time coming, for sure.

Rollerderby! Violence on wheels! Geekazoid and I are now part of Toadsuck Derby Dames! Might I add... before Thursday neither of us could skate. But they taught us, using one of those goober-walker things, and by the time we left they said we were picking up enough speed we might both be jammers! How awesome is that! It is a good way for us to be not so lazy, but not really feel like we are working out, because its fun.

Awesomeness for a friend! My dear Canadian Girlfriend Stacy (who has her own awesome site) is almost done writing her cookbook! It will be full of deliciousness, and I will update you as it is closer to published.

Lastly! Tomorrow is Geekazoid's birthdays! She will be a growned-up, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Happy almost birthday squeeker!
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  1. I realize that nothing is fair but I'm still trying. I just want to do my best and what is possible