Menu for week of 6/6 - 6/12

This will be an easy week for us since Dev and I leave very early Friday for Cancun.  Finally! <3  We're so excited.  It's our first time out of the country unless you count Canada (we don't because we drove to Alaska from New Hampshire and didn't even need a passport W.A.Y. back then).  BTW if you are driving through Canada, I do not recommend going in November.  Just sayin'.

It's also crazy hot already, so light meals are good right now.  Lots of fruit because we get a lot when it is at the peak of flavor for a good price and we all (except Ken) love it. 

Homemade subs; fresh fruit (the watermelon is so good this year, I think I have eaten my weight many times over.

BBQ pulled pork w/homemade coleslaw - Sweet Baby Rays has a new (to us) sweet/spicy bbq sauce that is wonderful;  fresh fruit, probably pineapple.

Chicken salad with cherries, grapes, celery and macadamia nuts w/veggies in tortilla wraps; chips.

Hot dogs (very spoiled, only like the Oscar Mayer Angus ones but they had a b1g1 at Kroger this week so only $3 a pack) with choice of toppings; fresh fruit.

After this everyone is on their own til we get back.  I know on the 12th (Dawn's Birthday) they are doing crab legs-  Happy birthday baby girl.  Make sure to air the stink outta my house before I get home, m'kay?

Have a great week everyone, what's cooking at your house this week?  For more menu ideas head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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