Menu for week of 6/27 - 7/3

Dev's birthday is on the 3rd and she wants a retro kiddie party so we're going all out with some of her fave school lunches (these were a real treat back in the day) and games/toys at Toad Suck Park- things like hula hoops, bubbles, water balloons, toy airplanes, etc.  We're also doing some cooking and baking- a turkey, lasagna and stuffed shells, etc since we got some deals and they sound really good.  Also have some bananas that need to get baked into some bread (I lost my fave recipe and haven't found a great one yet but will keep trying).  This is what's going on in our home this week- what's cooking at your house?

Spinach salad with grilled chicken breast, cherries, dried cranberries and candied walnuts with raspberry vinaigrette.

Lasagna; tossed salad; garlic bread  (Will be making extra to freeze- also stuffed shells).

BLT's; Ice cream floats.

Chef's salad with tons of veggies, turkey, hard boiled egg and cheese; choice of dressing.

Breakfast for dinner: fried egg sandwiches; fresh fruit.

Taste of Thanksgiving Rings; turkey gravy; hot dinner rolls; green salad with choice of dressing.

Dev's birthday dinner: Lunchables; Uncrustables; individual bags of baked chips; Giant Cupcake (for face smashing purposes); cupcakes; Dixie cups (individual ice cream cups); ice cold watermelon; juice boxes.

For more menu ideas, head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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