Taking it to the next level with Cinch!: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds and Lose Inches by Cynthia Sass

Even though the weight came off almost too easily. as in no cravings or hunger with my eating plan/diet (9 lbs, or 3 lbs a week) which I think is great, at the end of the three weeks I noticed something-  I was starting to feel blech- the food, while it tasted good was super salty and tasted "off" to me.  I don't know how to explain it, but there you have it.

In that same time frame, mama, who has been let's say feeling lousy and having a lot of crap to deal with started the Cinch Diet by Cynthia Sass.  I had vaguely skimmed the plan as they were looking for bloggers to review it but I passed on the opportunity because I thought it was too restrictive and wouldn't fit with my lifestyle.

Mom and I both lost a decent amount of weight, but here's the difference- she felt fantastic.  This is huge because she lives in chronic pain from a car accident many moons ago (entirely different from my medical issues) and though she still has the pain, only minimally helped by the chiro, she said "I have not felt this good since I was in my twenties".  I wanted to feel good too.

Here's a VERY condensed version of the plan:  You eat 4 times a day, choosing from the puzzle pieces (specific amounts from each of 5 categories), you have to have a dark chocolate break every day (mom's fave part, but I could take it or leave it), you have to eat within an hour of waking up (! horrors) and every 3-5 hours thereafter, and there is an optional 5 day fast forward cleanse to get the crap out of your system and curb cravings.

My specific challenges-  I NEVER eat when I wake up (usually 6 am) there are times I will notice it is 5 pm and I haven't eaten yet.  I drink coffee (1 cup a day is allowed-  I have my cup by my side and sip from the time I get up til the time I go to bed).  I drink Diet Coke- big no-no because of the sodium and artificial sweeteners).  No red meat-  this is one of the very few ways my body can absorb minute amounts of iron, even iv's once a week for 7 months didn't add iron so I figure even the tiny bit is better than nothing and keeps me that much longer from needing blood transfusions.  I like salt- not overly excessively, but what's a baked potato or fresh ear of corn without salt? which you can't have any added salt.  I love condiments (mayo, mustard, ketchup, steak sauce- more than food itself) which you can't have, except for certain types of mustard.  My eating plan is the first time I have ever actually attempted to diet and it may only have worked because I made up my own rules. ;-)  I have no idea if I can or even really want to follow a strict regimen.

A little background:  For the last almost 10 years, I have had serious medical issues, everything from a surgery for a stricture to save my life that basically bypasses my stomach to my body not making blood to replace what is lost to not absorbing potassium (among other things).  Any and all of these were/are life threatening, so in my wisdom (not) even though I studied fitness and nutrition I was kind of all screw it what's the point I am going to live with chronic pain and still need transfusions why bother? so didn't really take care of myself like I should have. You can see from our menus, we do a lot of salads and fruits and veggies, but also added the crap way more than I needed to.  I would justify it to myself as a balance, everything in moderation, but I knew better.

I'm telling you these things because I know better than most that every one of us is different and comes with our own unique circumstances, which of course include challenges and hurdles and while it would be easy to say - oh not for me, I thought if I shared things I would have to find a way to overcome and what I was doing to make the plan work for me it might encourage or motivate you- if I can do it, anyone can.  Now, let's hope I can do it.

I spent the last couple of days neglecting my other interests and devouring everything I could find online re: Cinch, waiting for my book to come in from Amazon (love Amazon Prime, only 2 days w/free shipping.)

I would love it if anyone else is doing the Cinch diet or anything else to get healthy if you could share, maybe trade secrets and recipes, things that work or don't, etc.

Wish me luck.
XOXOX Dddiva
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