Taking it to the next level - Cinch Diet - Can I Do This?

Based on mama's recommendation, a lot of research and the fact that the author has very impressive credentials, I have decided to try the Cinch diet by Cynthia Sass.  The book hasn't come in yet (sometime today, though, thanks to Amazon Prime) but between yesterday and today I did a ton of research online and am ready to get started.  I very carefully considered my specific needs and obstacles (click here to see them)- while I realize that this may or may not work for me, I believe in Cynthia Sass's expertise and feel that what I learn (all the latest in nutrition, which I studied eons ago) will benefit me greatly even if I ultimately only incorporate some of the principles.

This is my first "real" attempt at a specific diet (I did my own eating plan for the first 21 days to lose 9 lbs) I love some of the plan and have reservations on others, specifically in regard to my own challenges.

The reason I chose this plan is manyfold, the primary reasons being that the basics make good, solid sense based on my own knowledge; it is much, much more than a "diet" it is a way to eat cleanly (remember, I spoke about food tasting off and how I feel when I eat certain things that I used to like here and here) and while there is a 30 day meal plan with an optional 5 day fast forward specifically designed to help you lose weight, it is a program that can make a difference in my quality of life, even though it won't fix my "problems".  If I don't choose or can't for whatever reason to continue with this as a lifestyle choice, I will still gain knowledge that can only do good for me, even if I only adopt a few of the principles.

I have decided to try the 5 day fast forward, although I am going into it fully knowing that it may be impossible, not because I lack willpower but because my body doesn't absorb nutrients like it should as well as the fact that you have to eat yogurt twice a day.

I don't like yogurt- well I take that back, some of the ice cream things are not too disgusting, but honestly if I don't like even full fat flavored yogurt how am I supposed to eat nonfat yogurt with no sweetener (artificial or otherwise).  Even the yogurt I can eat, I always get that uncomfortable blech feeling and distended belly with lots of rumblies and whatnot when I do eat it.

The food is not cheap.  You don't have to buy anything "not normal" but it's a lot of food and she wants you to get all organic etc (and there are very sound principles for doing so, we of course buy organic locally grown whenever possible), but you won't find a coupon for any of this and our budget is pretty limited.  I decided to heck with it, when possible I will buy organic and follow the plan to the best of my ability, otherwise I would do what I can and it will still be better than what I had been doing.

Because of my specific health, I may not be able to eat this way-  in my attempt to feel better when I was at the very worst of my health problems, I tried food combining and not doing carbs and I was passing out left and right and trying to keep myself from passing out the rest of the time and I felt better immediately after adding whole grains or other starches.  The core diet calls for whole grains at every meal, but the fast forward leaves them out.

I really can't expect the dramatic results that the 5 day jump start promises because I just lost 9 lbs in the last 3 weeks and got rid of the easy to lose water weight etc (though I am still puffy-bloaty, and I really want that to go away).

With this running through my head, I of sound (HA!) mind and body chose to try to go ahead with the jump start anyways because of one reason and one reason only:  I want to give myself the best chance of success and while even Cynthia says that it is not for everyone (I took the quiz and was borderline whether it was for me or not, possibly on the very low end of borderline) I love coffee, Diet Coke and salty snacks and doing the fast forward, I believe, will quickly cure my cravings if indeed this works for me, and get rid of the crap I have built up inside.
This sounds like I am setting myself up for failure or making excuses to "quit" when the going gets tough, it is not meant that way at all, I just want and need a realistic look at the whole picture and I also need to be able to not beat myself up if I can't do it perfectly so this will be my reminder.  I do that a lot, beat myself up that is- or I used to, so it is important to me to remind myself that I do have certain things I have to live with whether I like them or not and can't necessarily do everything others can do.

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