Squee! I made my goal, 16 pounds lost in 3 1/2 weeks.

My goal was 15 pounds by Cancun (12 more days) and I did it!  This is the first time I have ever tried to do any type of diet, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected.  I wasn't going to weigh but I was eating my breakfast (day 4, I'll post it tomorrow) and just had the urge.

I lost 9 lbs the first 3 weeks on my eating to lose weight plan, but still felt puffy and bloaty (and looked it) though my jeans slid down without unbuttoning them so I know I was better than I had been.

Mom told me how great she felt on the Cinch diet so I did a lot of research, really liked what I read (from the book, the author's site/facebook, a couple bloggers who stuck with it, etc).

I was a little wary because most of the bloggers who reviewed the book didn't do it as it was so restrictive, they thought it was a lot of work to prep meals, they thought they couldn't eat out etc.  (My first thought when I was offered the chance to sign up to review it.)

I almost said heck with it but mama saying she felt better than she has since she was in her 20's even though she is still in a lot of pain from her accident made me keep pressing on.

I noticed a couple of things-  the people who did just the fast forward didn't give it (imo) a chance, quitting after anywhere from 2 meals to 2 days, or were still sneaking in their sodas or whatever.  

The people who did stick with it, whether they did the fast forward part or not, felt good- so much so that when they tried to go back to their old ways they felt a huge difference.

I basically decided it can't hurt to try, modifying for my specific needs where need be and doing the best I can.

I haven't felt good in a very, very long time, and I know I will have to continue living with my medical issues, but I got over my why bother attitude and am taking charge of my health to the best of my ability.

When you get disgusted with yourself, and are ready for a change, it is worth it.  Some of the foods on the FF part of the plan aren't my favorites but I decided to do them (if I could overcome the yogurt issue) and boy am I glad I was at that point because I feel better than I have in forever with only 3 days down on the FF, and though I may or may not have slip ups, I believe this will be a lifestyle change that I can keep, and even if I only do a modified version it's still doing more for me than I have done in a super long time.

We went to Ken's mom's house today and she noticed a big difference in the puff factor (I am naturally tiny so an extra 20 - 30 lbs- I blew up when I was put on Lyrica when I was in the hospital- to lose and it is extremely noticeable).  She asked what I was doing and I told her and I'm going to be copying some of the recipes from my book so I can eat while she's borrowing it to see if it is a plan she wants to try.

I sound like a commercial but I am not getting paid to say this, I bought my copy of the book, mostly on my mom's recommendation - on Amazon for a very reasonable $15 and change, almost $10 off retail.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight, but even more, to anyone who wants to feel great!

To track my progress see eating to feel great.
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  1. I think its GREAT your doing the Diet and you feeling better is worth a million bucks!!! keep up the good work!!!

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