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Going to start typing because that's the only dang way we'll get a new post here.  Today I (FINALLY! YAY ME) remembered that I wanted to play along with the Friday Confessional meme that Mamarazzi hosts along with Glamazon. 

I confess: Gamer Girlie has a review done but I lost the pictures I was supposed to add to it so you have to wait for that until someone comes along who can find them.

I confess: I who have never even wanted one have phone envy.  Dev has a droid and man, I want it bad.  (AT&T compatible, if anyone has a spare- it's the only service we get here in Bumf*ck Egypt - I have no idea where that came from, and a lot of people say they live there but it is only really true if you are so far out in the sticks you have no pizza delivery.)  I NEED the phone to play Angry Birds because the girls were going to get me a copy for my computer but it is not vista compatible.  And yes, I am pouting. 

I confess: I've been in a serious funk lately- not sure why.  A few of my fave bloggers have been rather mia lately as well, so maybe it's going around- or maybe it's the weather and I'm scared the zombie apocalypse is going to get  flooded out and my kids won't sacrifice me to save themselves (I'd be a GREAT martyr), maybe it's just because my hormones are all f*cked up or maybe it's because I need to lose these damn 10... make that 15 lbs that Lyrica and sucky metabolism from surgery added.  (Do NOT, I repeat do NOT let them give you that crap- it's not worth it- the relief is minimal and the side effects are not.)

I confess: This is the first time I have ever actively tried to lose weight (starting day 4) and it's not all that bad (shocking, eh?) part of me doesn't care and says heck with it, it is what it is, but damned if I don't want to look as good as I can for when Dev and I go to Cancun in June. 

I confess: I know myself well enough to know that if I don't hold myself accountable in some way I will say screw it so I'm putting what I am doing (combo of things based on my health and all the stuff I learned-  I actually studied fitness and nutrition and have a paper that says so, did you guys know that?) on Divas Cuisine.  I'm less likely to want to do something totally stupid if I know I will be posting about it- not that you guys don't love me in spite of my flaws, but it's how I roll- since I said I'd post the ups and downs, I will, so if I pork out on something I'll disclose.  If anyone wants to join me, encourage me, send me to the fat farm in Aruba, here's where I'll be posting the updates.

I confess: Some parts of getting older really stink, but some parts are wonderful like you finally get that crap everyone always says like you can't please everyone so you STOP TRYING and it's so dang liberating to just be yourself. 

I confess: I am kind of shocked that I stuck with this whole blogging thing for 3 years-  well it will be 3 years in June. 

I confess: I have been feeling a little bad that we just haven't done a lot of giveaways lately - I am not sorry we're being super selective now about who we work with, but there are some sponsors we really like we just haven't been doing them since our plates are filled with other things.  I have been hitting the mass delete button more often than not on my emails, and who knows what I am missing, but I just haven't had it in me.

I confess: We've been seriously considering/talking about/thinking about putting together a birthday blogiversary bash for when we get back from Cancun-  and we promise that if we do we'll be uber choosy with the sponsors so you will love the prizes-  but we've not come to a decision yet, we have to see if we can fit it in and really do it right, otherwise, what's the point?

I confess: I am going to work super hard on trying to win enough cash or gc's to get a mani-pedi for Cancun.  I just can't do a vacation with piggies I paint myself. ;o)

I confess: Yes, I am obsessed with vacation plans right now, sorry, not trying to rub it in but dudes, I have a medically retired husband who watches crap tv all day and is sharing my computer until/unless Derek can fix his-  if anyone needs a break I DO!  Plus, last year my only "vacations" were the couple of weeks I spent in the hospital.  Hardly counts.  This is only my second time out of the country and we're doing the ziplines and underground caves, plus, all expenses paid-  pretty sure that doesn't include the new clothes I need, and shoes, but I have mothers day and a b-day coming up before we go.  HINT, HINT family if you can be bothered to read this. :P

I confess: This is enough confessing for now, if I remember in time I want to play again.  I just love these things for some reason, especially when the brain is frizzled and nothing else feels like being blogged about and the girls are so busy they don't have time to post either. 

Click on the button up there *points to top of page* and play along, or leave a comment, we'd love to see what you're confessing this week.
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