Pampers Little Miracles Mission w/$50 AmEx Giveaway to pay it forward

We are thrilled to partner with Pampers in their first Little Miracles Mission.  If you don't know what that is, head on over to their facebook page and take a look around.  Once more than 2500 people have pledged to give their support to expectant mothers Pampers will throw 1000 surprise baby showers for expectant mothers.  (The goal has been reached, but keep pledging!)  You can also enter to win a year's supply of free diapers and wipes for your own little miracle.

Exciting, right?  That's not all.  We have been sent a $50 gift card to spread the love to expectant mothers in our community by surprising her (or them) with a surprise gesture.

Something we already do is to tuck or tape dollar bills (any denomination) onto packages of diapers or formula with a note to pay it forward when the recipient is able with any random act of kindness-  Geeky Mommy came up with this and we love it-  what new parent couldn't use a little boost now and then? 

Some other ideas that would help to pay it forward:

Take a meal- or several-  to the new parents-  and know that it will be very appreciated while they juggle to figure out how to get everything done.  If you are a parent yourself you will know exactly what we mean by this.  If you don't or can't cook, a gift certificate to a restaurant or pizza delivery service would be a nice idea.

A gift basket with some gifts to pamper will be more than welcomed (and if she's hormonal, cried over) especially if you include a gift certificate for a nice pedicure with foot massage.

A pretty new dress to fit those in-between pre- and post baby weight fluctuations would be nice- most moms wear whatever they fit in and feel like frumpy hags (speaking from experience here).

If the expectant mom is on bedrest, some books or magazines - either hard copies or digital downloads or some puzzle books will be eagerly savored, I spent many, many months on bedrest with my 4 and it was so hard to keep my mind occupied and engaged and I resorted to terrible tv I had no interest in whatsoever.

We have, sadly, in a local shelter at the moment an expectant mom and she has nothing-   Ki is getting together as much as she can of Ian's old things (outgrown stroller, carseat, clothes, etc).   We could scour the yard sales and thrift shops and get a fairly decent haul for $50 so that the mom has what she needs for the new baby.  Or maybe you have a lot of friends with children and you could use the $50 to buy a few party foods and hold a gathering to collect their donations of gently used baby items, or if they wanted to get some diapers or whatever they could give to help out.

Maybe you can't afford to do something like this, but there is always something you can do to help out expecting or new parents.  Here are a few ideas we love, many we have done ourselves over the years:

Offer to babysit so mom and dad can catch up on some much needed sleep, run errands or even just have a few moments of peace and quiet.

Accompany the new parents to well baby visits to help out, or if they have other children, offer to watch them while mom and/or dad takes baby or mom goes in for her own check-ups.

You can do some housework or yard work for the expecting or new parents-  it's really hard to get everything done when you are exhausted, overwhelmed, sleep deprived and terrified you will do something wrong (as most first time parents are) and they need all the help they can get even keeping up with the basics.

For more information about the Little Miracles Mission and to check out the celebrity studded kick-off where Pampers donated care packages to Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) across the country, check out this link.

I had very difficult labor and delivery with my pregnancies trying to keep the little divas in until they were cooked enough to come out but even the best medical care sometimes results in premature birth-  Kyra was excessively early (7 weeks) and spent some time in the NICU-  I was very fortunate in that she was healthy aside from her size, but most of the babies and parents in the unit when she was there were not as lucky and had many, many health problems.  If you know anyone who has a preemie, I urge you to do anything and everything you can to give them a break from the constant worry and stress and prayers- as little as a moments distraction or knowing you care is welcome at such a time.  Even if the child is (relatively) healthy as mine were, there is an incredible amount of worry about how the bills will get paid. 

I hope we've shown you that you can do something no matter how much or how little you have, but most of all, I hope it has sparked your own creativity so you can share with us and we can learn from you even more ways we can help out.

Don't forget to pledge here and also sign up to win a year's supply of diapers and wipes.

THE GIVEAWAY:  Pampers is providing us with a $50 Am Ex Gift Card for one of our very lucky readers to pay it forward to a new mom in their life.  US only 18+ ends 5/15 at 11:59pm CST.

Main Entry:  Tell us what you might do if you win the $50 GC to pay it forward to a new mom in your life.  (You can use the GC for whatever you choose.) Easy, right?  That's all you need to get your name in the hat (or randomizer as the case may be, but if you don't do this, none of your other entries will count.  Don't say enter me or cool prize, we'll have to toss your entry and redraw if your name is chosen.

Optional Entries: the main entry is all you need to do but if you want to up your chances you can do any or all of the following: (You can find any links and buttons that aren't in the post on the sidebar.)

*Follow our blog - 1 entry Follow
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Best of luck to you.

We received a $50 Visa Gift Card to pay it forward in our community.  We were asked to give our honest opinion on the Pampers Little Miracles Mission and were not required to give a favorable review.  We also were offered a  $50 Visa Gift Card for one of our readers so they can pay it forward to a new mom in their life.  The winner will receive the Visa Gift Card at the conclusion of the giveaway directly from the representative.

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