Menu for week of 5/2 - 5/8

Vegetable soup; dinner rolls

Slow cooker / Crockpot rotisserie style chicken; oven roasted potatoes, carrots and pearl onions; sliced ripe tomatoes with sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Polynesian style veggie stir fry w/chicken, carrots, snow peas, baby corn, pineapple and sprouts over brown rice; Asian style cucumber salad

Breakfast for dinner-  Finnish oven pancakes with mixed berries and fresh whipped cream; cantaloupe and honeydew melon

Choice of pepperoni and cheese or  freakin' awesome buffalo pizza calzones using our homemade 30 minute rise pizza crust; tossed green salad

Vegetarian lentil soup; hot fresh bread or rolls

Lemon pepper baked fish (whatever looks good, probably orange roughy or tilapia);  broccoli & cauliflower

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  1. thank you SO much for stopping by over at my little place. :) It's so nice to be doing these things because I'm "meeting" new people, and I love that. :) I look forward to seeing MORE of your delicious website, and checking ya out over at Lonneyverse. :)