Losing it, Day 7

7.8 lbs lost, and no feelings of this is a diet or deprivation.  It helps a lot, I think, that I am allowing myself to have what I want.  For those wondering at me allowing 2 up days in a row, the main reason is that I  don't want my body to get used to any type of pattern.

On my week 1 menu yesterday was supposed to be an up day then today an eat whatever I want, but I swapped them out due to it being mothers day and wanting to have fun with the family.  I think if I had put myself on a more rigid diet that I probably would have cheated, and if not certainly felt deprived.

If I had to choose the main reason I think this is working it would be the flexibility.  I am going along with both what my body is telling as well as eating more mindfully, whatever I am choosing to eat- today for instance, I just didn't feel like breakfast so I skipped it.  No use forcing myself to eat when I am not hungry.

I ended up using regular sour cream in the southwest salad because I didn't feel like looking for the fat free greek yogurt (I stocked up on like 120 of them w/sales and coupons two diff brands 60 of each and they ended up being either 40 or 50 cents a piece - long expiration date and we froze about half) naturally the plain ones were not near the front, and do you know how full your fridge gets if you load up on veggies esp when artichokes that usually cost 2.49 are a dollar a piece, and sweet corn for the girls is 4/$1?  LOL  I also used full flavor cheese.  And still, I lost.  Yay.
Consumed today was:  1 lightened up tuna salad sandwich - instead of all real mayo, I used part mayo, part Kraft light balsamic vinaigrette parmesan asiago dressing and lots of veggies and using a 100 cal sandwich thin for the bread (these have so much flavor- more than regular whole grain bread.); 3 Claussen mini dill pickles; a couple of bites of my newest fat burning soup (another chicken based, but different veggies); a few sips of a skinny mocha frap at Starbucks that I shared with Dev (moderation, not deprivation- it was enough to enjoy the flavor and satisfy my craving for a treat); southwest salad; black coffee; water; hint water.

To see my eating plan and have links to recipes, menus etc check out eating to lose weight.

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