Losing it, Day 6

This has been the first time in my life I have actually tried to lose weight and I didn't want to fail, so I devised a plan I hoped I could  stick with, and so far, so good.  It's a lot easier than I thought because I am depriving myself of nothing that I want to eat.  How well am I doing?  Glad you asked-  6 days of eating with my plan, 6.8 lbs lost.  No extra money spent on special foods.  (I did get a stack of Smart Ones for days I want fast and easy-  they were on the buy 10 get super cheap at Kroger deal- between $1.38 and $1.88 depending on what they are, and we got some Skinny Cow ice cream treats- they are really good, Dev had one at work a while back and we really like them.  If you are a sweet eater, we all highly recommend them).  Can you tell I am stoked?

I am choosing to eat in moderation, and to savor when I do splurge.

According to my menu plan today was supposed to be an up day calorie wise and tomorrow my whatever I want to eat, but in honor of mother's day, and wanting to take Ian on a super-secret mission and he, Ki and I went to lunch - they had free gelato for mamas (others were invited, they just didn't feel like coming) I chose to swap the days around.  The flexibility of the plan I devised for myself is a big part of why I believe it is working.

(The reason I am doing up day, down day, up day, down day for 6 days and giving myself a free day for the seventh is twofold- I don't want my body to get used to any type of pattern, and I believe one of the reasons that this is working so well for me is that I know even on down days- I am eating until I am full, and I am not saying anything is off limits-  I can eat whatever it is I am craving, just making sure I am paying attention to what I eat (I have a bad habit of mindless munching) and if I want something really badly, the most I have to wait for it is the next day.

Our super-secret mission was to Shipley's Donuts (but mommy told Ian - he KNOWS that's our super secret mission place but we're not allowed to mention it) so we made a pit-stop at a garage sale so he didn't get all bent out of shape-  50 cents for a Ker-plunk game and 25 cents for 100 tealight candles.  Score.  We had no idea if the game had all the pieces as it was taped up but since Ian wanted it and it was so cheap we picked it up.  Best 50 cents we've spent in a good long while.  Ian calls it Ker-plop and says it is the best game ever, he had to have played for a couple of hours yesterday off and on.

We got half a dozen donuts, the adults each got a Kolachi (I probably butchered the spelling) it's a sausage with cheese in it wrapped in dough) and Ian got a bacon, egg and cheese croissant.  Since most of them stayed home, we didn't eat there and Ian was asking for his sandwich so when we got to Redbox I told him he could have a couple of bites of mine while mommy got his movie.  He didn't think it looked all that great then he tried it and fell in love.  I had about 3 or 4 bites, Ki a couple and he devoured the rest (it's not a tiny thing).  He wasn't kidding when he said he was hungry.

When we got home I had a bite of Dawn's, a bite of Ki's (hers had jalapenos) and a bite of Ian's sandwich when we got home, it was plenty for me (probably half a Kolachi, all in all).  I had no desire for a donut so didn't even have a bite.

Consumed today was:  about 1/2 a Kolachi (see above); a bowl of tomato based fat burning soup; 2 slices of four seasons brick oven baked pizza (it had artichokes, kalmati olives, proscuitto and fresh shaved parmesan) and a couple of bites of Ian's cheese pizza- he got pepperoni but I didn't eat that) they are pretty small-  6 slices is a 2 person pizza at Zaza's pizza; I let Ian choose our free gelato and he picked mixed berry- I had a couple of bites of that and a bite of Ki's pistachio gelato.  It was plenty to satisfy my sweet tooth.  For dinner a steamed artichoke dipped in sea-salted melted butter; a serving of baked goldfish crackers. To drink, black coffee, unsweetened iced tea, citrus splash Crystal Light and water.

When I woke up I weighed myself and six days of my eating plan yielded 6.8 lbs lost.  Yes!

To see what I am doing and why as well as keep up with my progress, see Eating To Lose Weight.

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  1. I'm not sure that I could have said no to the donuts. Until today, I hadn't had a donut in MONTHS. They are one of my many weaknesses. I love them. And sugar. It's a horrible addiction.

    I wish you much luck on this new way of eating. I checked out the meal plan. It looks easy enough. I may even try it out myself!

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