Losing it, Day 4

Today wasn't really hard, I didn't feel hungry at all.

Consumed on day 4 was: 1 slice 12 grain toast with peanut butter; 1/2 grapefruit; egg white omelet with 1/12 wedges laughing cow sun dried tomato and basil cheese and salsa; orange; very thinly sliced chicken sandwich on whole grain toast (not even a whole chicken tender for a whole sandwich) with a thin layer of mayo, piled high with baby spinach, tomato and mixed baby lettuces; Claussen dill pickle (whole); cup of chicken based fat burning soup; scrambled eggwhites with sea salt and salsa; 1 serving baked goldfish crackers.

I only ended up eating half the sandwich and feeding rest to dogs even though I had fixed them their own-  was really full and just had no desire for it.  I didn't need the scrambled eggwhites, but Dev made some when she came home from work and it just sounded good.  The goldfish crackers-  kind of stupid but I eat ice (severe anemia) and yesterday for some reason I was eating it faster than our ice maker could keep up and I really just wanted something to crunch.  If we had had celery I would have been just as happy with that, it wasn't a real desire on my part- just wanted the satisfying crunch and 55 goldfish would give that to me.  Plus, those things are tasty-  and a serving size is pretty generous, a lot more than I thought.  At 140 calories, I wasn't too worried, (I am not particularly counting calories, Dev and I had just remarked that we thought it wasn't bad for the amount you got so I thought I would mention it.)  I think all in all I did pretty good today.

As of this morning,  4 days on this eating plan,  I have lost 3 pounds and some ounces.  I'm pleased.

To see what I am doing and why as well as keep up with my progress, see Eating To Lose Weight.

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