Losing it, Day 21

It has been relatively easy for me to stick with this plan- no real cravings, the weight did come off (although the last couple of days have been up and down with the fluctuations up to 2 1/2 lbs in a day- for some reason yesterday and today I have been stepping on the scale every time I passed it). These types of fluctuations are very normal and I know this- it's why many experts will tell you NOT to weigh more than once a week.

I was feeling really good, but the last little bit I have noticed a few things- even with the pounds off and a noticeable difference in the way my jeans fit (I can slide them up and down without unbuttoning them) I still feel really puffy and bloaty.

Also, everything has been tasting extremely salty to me. I haven't been adding extra salt to things, and using low sodium versions when available but things have just not tasted right- still good, this is so hard to explain, but I just had a feeling of blech - and that is really odd, like I said, the food tasted good but wrong. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me but there you have it.

I guess it's like this - when I ate a ton of fast food, it tasted good- now, if I get a burger from a fast food joint, I literally taste the grease, can feel it coating my tongue, my throat, my insides going down. (Every now and then I still grab one but I much prefer making our own at home.)

Dev said the same thing about snack cakes recently- and remember, she's the sweet hound, but she said you know how good those delicious cream filled cakes were to me- well when you don't have one for a long time and then eat one you literally think "eww how could I ever have liked these- she can tell the cream is oily crap, the cake is overly sweet etc. Now she's not about to give up her sweets, nor should she, but I believe she'll be making better choices and eating "real" food when she does it.

So, although eating this way is continuing to work, I am ready to move on- to eat to feel good and not worry about the scale, though I am sure that will continue showing an improvement as well.

I am going to continue sharing my journey, but this time instead of eating to lose weight I will be eating to feel great! I hope you will join me as I take things to the next level.

XOXOX Dddiva

For the record, consumed today was: fruit- lots and lots of fruit, it's in season and sooooo delicious- strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, cherries and honeydew melon; the best best best grilled portabella mushroom "burger" on a sesame seed bun spread lightly w/mayo with grilled yellow squash, baby spinach, tomato; most of a Smart Ones tv dinner; coffee; unsweetened iced tea; water; Crystal light pomegranate lemonade.

If you want to see my plan, track my progress and get the recipes, you can find them here in eating to lose weight.

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