Losing It, Day 2

Today was an up (higher calorie) day.  I didn't eat any carbs or protein yesterday and by mid afternoon today I was shaky/weak and cranky from it - my body does not process things or absorb nutrients like it is supposed to so I can't do as extreme as some can with my eating- I have to keep it fairly regulated or I get incredibly ill.

I had a couple of bowls of soup and then regular food-  you will notice the food choices I make aren't extremely low in fat or calories, but I am still going to be losing weight because of how and when I am eating them and because I am doing up/down days and making better choices in general, especially with portion control- tons of fruits and vegs, though, so that can only be a good thing.

Consumed today were: 2 bowls of fat burning tomato based veggie soup; 3 fairly thick (half inch or so) slices of pepperoni; 1 sun dried tomato Laughing Cow cheese wedge; 1 babybel minibel also from Laughing Cow; 1 serving (55) baked goldfish crackers; fruit and chicken dinner salad; bowl of cantaloupe, blueberries and strawberries; another serving baked goldfish crackers; black coffee, unsweetened iced tea; white tea and peach Crystal Light (I found that very sweet and mixed it with some unsweetened iced tea and really enjoyed it that way); ice water; one sip of Diet Coke

Not too bad all in all, though I really didn't need the second serving of goldfish crackers at bedtime.  The Diet Coke was because one of the girls left a can sitting on my desk and I picked it up without thinking, not because I craved it.

To keep up with my plan and how I am doing, see Eating to lose weight.

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