Losing it, Day 19

Epic fail as far as soup making goes.  UGH.  It was sooooooo good, I made another tomato/beef based one then I had to go and ruin it.  I love spinach-  in omelets, in salads, in florentine almost anything, but instead of using the baby organic pack I had I took the advice of Rachael Ray and other chefs who say frozen spinach is one of the best values in the market cuz you get a ton of spinach for very little and got a pack of recipe beginnings frozen chopped spinach.  Ewwwwww that stuff is so nasty-  like collard or mustard or whatever greens which everyone says you just haven't had them done right and makes me take a bite of theirs and it is always disgusting.  Always.  I should learn. 

I digress.  I added the whole package to a huge stockpot full of deliciousness.  It made the whole thing taste woody and just altogether gross.  I made the little divas that eat spinach try it thinking it might just be me but nope, even Ki who eats EVERYTHING and I do mean things that I wouldn't even consider eating try it and yep it's just nasty. 

I wanted to cry at that whole pot of yummy goodness going into the trash, but there's just no way we could eat it.  I thought I was doing a good thing by spending a dollar as opposed to the $6.49 for the carton of baby organic spinach, but next time I will spend the money and produce something edible or leave out the extra greenage altogether.

No soup again today.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Consumed today:  1 slice 12 grain toast w/peanut butter; 1/2 grapefruit; fruit plate with a little squeeze of lime; oven baked sweet potato fries; handful of cashews; pretzels; black coffee; water.

To see what I am doing and why, keep up with my progress, get recipes and more, join me at eating to lose weight.

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