Gearing up for summer - with a little help from Weight Watchers

We have been seriously gearing up for summer here-  as in -  Dev won a trip to Cancun and she's taking me with her- SQUEE! and I don't want to look all dumpy and frumpy and let's face it, the older I get the harder it is to keep off the unwanted pounds.  For all of you in your 20's and 30's who think it's hard- I urge you to develop sensible eating and exercise habits now because when you are sliding into 50, it's going to kick your butt if you aren't proactive.  (Speaking from experience here, unfortunately.)

I'm not the only one in the house that has been making changes, either.  The little divas have been making better food choices as well and we eat a LOT less greasy, fried and fast food than we did but when we do indulge we opt for smarter eating.

Exercise is something else we're working on-  we have a lazy gene (or that's what we call it) and with my illness it became super easy for me to fall back on the I have no energy, it bothers my stomach, it *insert random excuse of choice here* line and while they are all true, it's not true that there is NOTHING I could have been doing but sitting on my ever widening backside.

We're getting in more walking, more dancing again, more movement in general.  Even getting outside and gardening (well, moving the rocks around, anyways).  And feeling better.  It's a sorry trap, I feel blah, I can't exercise -  I can't exercise so I feel even more blah.  Force yourself.  It gets easier and you do feel better.  What's even more pitiful about me letting myself decline to this state is that I KNOW BETTER, I studied fitness and nutrition for crying out loud.

Portion control is what I have my biggest food issues with -  I am (or have been) a mindless muncher, and added to that, I love carbs.  Not only the good for you kind, either.  I would take spaghetti and make a sandwich of that (embarrassed the heck out of my former Italian stepfather).  Dev takes after me- she'll grab a bag of Goldfish crackers or a box of cheddar bunnies or Cheez-Its and sit down and start texting or reading or whatever and next thing you know, it's empty.

We're buying a much larger variety of fresh fruits and veggies, and keeping them handy.  Just last night got some containers ready of cantaloupe, blueberries and strawberries- all cut and ready to eat (I will squeeze some lime on mine- I love lime on anything) and we have snow peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and whatnot all cleaned and ready to eat.  Big bowls of fruit.  Tons of leafy greens for salads and add ins handy, with several varieties of light or fat free dressings.  A shelf full of lowfat Greek and regular yogurt and smoothies.  We also have a bunch of the yogurt frozen so they can get their frozen treat that way instead of with an ice cream fix.  Having teas made up instead of reaching for a soda.  Little things that really add up.

Oh, another really yum thing to do- freeze watermelon cubes and grapes (washed, dried the lay out on a baking sheet to freeze separately before putting in a Ziploc bag)  for a really refreshing warm weather treat. 

It's way more likely we will grab that instead of a full of bad stuff snack when it is handy- if we have to do all the work before we eat, nine times out of ten we don't bother and just grab whatever is easiest.

Now there is help for all of our problems-  the needing the fast and easy food-  and portion control in the form of Weight Watchers Smart Ones.  (My mom has been eating Smart Ones forever - well since they first came out- and some of them were pretty good- and this was back when diet food tasted like -  diet food.)  It's only gotten better.  And the prices are super-reasonable, especially if you find them on sale.  It's so easy to grab what you want-  way easier and faster than hitting the drive-thru or ordering in, just heat and eat.  They have breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks so there are no more excuses why you can't have a great meal that is also fast and convenient.  I love keeping a variety of portion controlled meals handy for those days cooking just isn't an option for whatever reason. 
Weight Watchers Smart Ones is making it easier to stay on track with a healthy meal plan without spending time on prep work beforehand. Their products provide a variety of delicious, convenient and portion controlled meals and snacks that contain lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. And now they are offering two new breakfast items – like the new Egg, Sausage & Cheese Wrap and the French Toast with Turkey Sausage. Plus, the packaging tells you the Weight Watchers PointsPlus values in each serving, allowing you to conveniently plan for the day. Visit for more information.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Weight Watchers Smart Ones and received a promotional item and coupons to facilitate my review.

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