Fruit & chicken dinner salad

Doesn't this look good?  It tastes even better.

We made each plate separately so everyone could have as much or little as they liked.

For each serving:
Bed of greens- we used a mix of baby spinach and spring greens
English (seedless) cucumber, sliced and quartered
Cantaloupe, chunked
Strawberries, quartered
1 chicken tender, diced  We seasoned with Lawry's garlic salt mixed w/parsley and baked-  you can grill or broil-  no skin!  (If you are huge meat eaters, you can use more, but this was just the right amount for the perfect balance and even the non-dieters found it to be plenty.)
Sharp Vermont White Cheddar shredded over top
Drizzle of your favorite vinaigrette- tons of myo vinaigrette type salad dressing recipes here - we found Annie's all natural light raspberry vinaigrette on clearance (I found 1 Tbsp to be plenty, 2 Tbsp is a serving size)

Absolutely delicious and filling-  here it is drizzled with the vinaigrette.  No one knows this is a low cal meal unless you tell them.

I was going to add pistachios to mine but completely forgot them- it didn't need anything else, but I love nuts or seeds on a salad so next time we make this I will probably add some.


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