Eating to lose weight

We are going to Cancun (Dev and I) the second week of June and I would love to lose at least 10 pounds, preferably 15 before I will feel swimsuit ready-  since it will be incredibly hot, light summer clothing is a must and I'd like to feel better about how I look in them.  Plus, nobody wants to see me looking like a stuffed sausage when we do the zipline. ;o)  It's kind of a lot in a relatively short time, but I am confident I can at least come close.

I am going to be doing a combination of things- none of which I feel are extreme, and I thought I would share them with you because I know I am not the only one out there who would like to shed a few- or many- pounds.  And because knowing myself as I do, holding myself accountable by posting what I eat will give me a better chance of succeeding.  I won't beat myself up (much) if I fail, and I certainly won't let it ruin a much needed vacation, but I think with a little support and encouragement I can do it.  If you are not trying to lose weight and have no interest, enjoy our recipes and cooking stories, hints and tips and skip over the posts about my ups and downs-  I wouldn't bore you with them but as I said, I know I will do better by posting, and hopefully I will encourage others with my successes (not planning on failing, but when I slip I will pick myself up, dust myself off and start again) and if anyone else blogs and links or shares in the comments or emails what they are doing we can support each other.

Do you, like I do, find it's a lot easier to know what to do than to actually do it?  I studied fitness and nutrition but I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist or a doctor, I am only sharing what I am eating, consult a professional before starting this or any diet. 

My plan is to make up several versions of fat burning veggie soup (I'll post the recipes) but follow my own eating plan based loosely on the cabbage soup diet* as well as an UDDD (up day, down day) plan - this is where you eat very low cal one day, normal (but relatively sensibly) the next.  Your body doesn't go into starvation mode like it does if you are very low cal all the time.  I won't be counting calories, I know I won't do that, but I will try to eat modest portions and make better choices-  whole grains instead of a lot of processed - most of the time.

I like this plan and think it has excellent potential for success because on the up days you can eat whatever you want within reason, so if you are on a down day and really craving something you know you can have it tomorrow.

This is not turning into a diet blog, I still have to feed my family, and in fact will be eating a lot of the same things they are, just using portion control and trying to make better food choices.  Carbs are my personal weakness, bread my drug of choice, so hopefully I will be able to control that along with giving up diet soda.  I know diet soda is no cal, but you still pack on pounds from all of the sodium.

What I will be drinking is black coffee, unsweetened iced tea, a variety of Crystal Light drinks and lots of water.

Another thing I will be doing is making enough for the dogs to share (except the soup- if there is no meat in it they won't eat it, except Cin, who loves tomato soup) but keeping their portions separate from mine - we have a you get a bite I get a bite thing going on so who knows how much I really eat.

Wish me luck, and if you are on your own weight loss journey please feel free to join me-  let me know what's working and what isn't, together we can do this!

*** There are many, many versions of the "Cabbage Soup Diet" from years ago.  I know firsthand that it works because my former father-in-law used it incredibly successfully, though he had a modified version, as in his doctors had him eat the soup for one or two meal replacements and snacks and a regular dinner rather than the extreme plan originally devised.

For anyone who would like, we can email you the exact recipe and diet plan given at the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital for overweight heart patients to lose weight rapidly before surgery.  I don't think it will hurt most people in the short term, because of my medical problems and the fact that my body does not process nutrients like most I can't do something so radical, but again, consult a professional to make sure this or any eating plan / diet is right for you. ***

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