Totally Random Tuesdsay - fallback fail, ready for change

You guys would have absolutely no idea, but when I have nothing I can always post about coffee, the zombie apocalypse and Nickelback and/or Chad Kroeger because these are a few of my favorite things.  (Not a raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens kind of gal, what can I say) but even my fallbacks are failing me, I've really got nothing.

I wonder if zombies like coffee, or if they would let me go get some if I run out.  Seriously, caffeinated zombies might move at the pace of a turtle instead of a snail, don'tcha think?  I have always said they can feed me to the zombies first and my darling divas would do it, too, to save themselves, plus, they could get a few laughs and epic updates for their statuses, like "Zombies die of starvation because they tried to eat mom's brains but couldn't find anything but fluff" or "Zombies randomly start belting out Disney songs that were stuck in mom's head".  You know-  just a little bit different from what everyone else would be posting.  Smartasses.  They get it from me so I can't complain, I guess.  Heh- that's two out of 3 -  can't toss Chad and the guys to the zombies because I intend to haunt them.

I don't believe in heaven and hell as per the bible, more of a reverting back to source energy, but sometimes I think about what if it was like they say, you know, puffy clouds and harp music and crap like that.  I would be asleep all the time or bored to death (groan) but really, why would you think that's a good way to spend eternity.

If I was designing heaven it would be more of a take me to my mothership- aka Nordstrom's shoe department, unlimited perfectly cooked food with my tastes in mind that had no calories, and I would breathe in coffee so I didn't have to bother drinking it.  Like seriously, a giant pool party all fun all the time, with shopping breaks.  And lots of travel.  Plus, all the cool people would be in my heaven- which of course some have eternally damned me to hell so I can roll with that, much better than floating and listening to harps.

What can I say, I found a way to fit them all in.

More random-  Ki's potluck picnic was a lot of fun for all, much better than expected turnout and after talking to the attendees (including all of us) we'll try to make it a monthly thing.

We broke yet another phone-  the crackberry-  oops.  No idea what happened but sheesh.  So need a diva proof phone.  Dev's loving her droid but she's not had it very long yet. 

We have two new family members- two of Ken's nieces had babies, one of each and they are adorable from the pics but while we're pretty sure it's allergies while we have the crud we're staying away.  Hopefully soon.

I am ready for a gigantic change in my life, only this time save the drama lest it be the drama of winning a huge amount of cash or the equivalent of something great happening.

As you can see, I am struggling to find even randomness (It's not noon, I can't be expected to engage my brain yet- you ask for too much) so I am going to quit while I'm ahead.

Keely's still on hiatus from Random Tuesday Thoughts so we're going to play along with Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel with Stacy.  Hope you will join in. :)

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