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Here in the loonyverse we're not big reality tv watchers and only know of Snooki from the headlines (ie: we know she's a laughingstock and on the Jersey housewife something show).

What we do know though is this-  she got paid more than Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison for her pearls of wisdom to the student body of Rutgers - such gems as "Study hard but party harder" and "When you're tan you feel better".  High class advice, that.  I know if I was paying a fortune for tuition I'd feel really good knowing that is how some of my money was wasted.

Honestly, I am kind of disgusted that we as a society have sunk so low. 

Speaking of sinking to a new low-  TLC (used to be the learning channel, now it is the I guess I'll watch that channel so I don't feel so bad about my own sucky life channel).  I believe their new acronym should be the Total Loser Channel.  Wonder if they will pay me for my sage advice.

Anyhoo TLC has a new show about extreme couponing-  we're not talking about saving money on your groceries and health and beauty needs, we're talking extreme greed and hoarding.  I've seen numerous blogs and message boards (now you know where I hang) touting the new show with a few criticizing it.  Guess where the divas fall.
Don't be a selfish pig!
A couple have converted their basement to a storage facility.  It is larger and more crammed than several of the stores in our area.  They have way more than they can reasonably use before the items expire.  How is that saving?  That's being a greedy, selfish jerk. 

Donate that stuff to people they use it.

People clear out the shelves of the sale items before the rest of us can use our coupons - selfish selfish selfish.  Dozens and dozens of candy bars.  Cereals.  Pastas.  Tons of overprocessed crap.  Moderation, people.  Save some for the rest of us, it's people like you who make the stores and companies not want to extend these offers. 

Some donate, and that is admirable, but don't take every last one of the items in the first hour of the sales, some of us depend on these savings so we can feed our families without having to go to the food pantries etc. 

Some of these extremists have the stores make special orders for them-  not sure how they get away with it because around here there are limits (sometimes it is even printed on the coupon) on how many deals you can make per transaction.  The rules should apply to everyone, you don't deserve special treatment so you can get your greedy mug on tv.  (Shame on you, stores who let them get away with it.  That's a big no-no in my book.  If you are going to have the rules, enforce them for everyone.)

I'm through ranting today (Yay, right?) so what have you got-  get it out of your system so you are clear for the weekend.  Leave it in a comment or put a link to your own post and we'll be sure to check it out when we have time.  :)

XOXOX Dddiva

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