Happy list time again!

What is GeekyMommy happy for this week?

My amazing family- we are so us!

My wonderful friends- You guys rock! You have been there and helped me out so much. I love you all.

Sleepy baby snuggles- I love napping with the boy I babysit.

Air conditioner- Nuff said.

Great food- This will always be on my list. Roast beef sandwiches were todays great thing.

Coffee- this is the only reason I'm here. Coffee keeps me going

Random good things- I found a notebook I had lost more than a year ago. I had forgotten I wrote about half of that!

Words- I just love words, playing with them. They can do anything, be easy or tricky, simple or complex. Yes, I just love words.

What has you smiling this week?
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