Southwest Salad

We make these by the bowl so everyone gets exactly what they want, they are incredibly versatile, so delish! and a great way to use up leftover fajitas-  you can add anything you have left over- peppers, mushrooms, any vegs, etc.  We had some chicken left that was made using our basic fajita marinade.  You can use any leftover chicken- shredded from a roast chicken works beautifully.

Baby spinach*
Romaine hearts, torn*
Canned black beans, rinsed and drained (or leftover homemade)
Canned, frozen or fresh corn removed from cob (mexi-corn w/peppers works well
Chopped tomatoes
Diced red or white onion or sliced green onion
Diced avocado
Diced chicken or beef
Shredded cheese-  colby. jack, co-jack, cheddar, pepper jack or any mexi-blend
Dollop of sour cream or plain greek yogurt- can be non or lowfat**
Sliced jalapeno or other small peppers, optional
Fresh lime slices or wedges**

*You can use any  greens you like- make sure to buy organic and/or local that you know the farmers don't use pesticides even if they aren't certified whenever possible, on the greens and any other veggies and fruits, especially those you don't peel.

Put a generous serving of greens down in the bowl then start topping.  We heated the corn, beans and chicken up- just mixed and heated them all together but that is a personal preference and put them on the greens.  Top with the tomatoes, onion, avocado and cheese.  Add your sour cream and salsa and squeeze as much fresh lime juice as you like -  I like a lot.


**If you prefer using Ranch or Catalina dressing, by all means feel free, this is our preference but they are very adaptable and you should make it your own by adding and subtracting anything you like.

Chicken or beef cooked in salsa or marinated in just lime juice, salt and pepper
Omit corn
Use fat free or lowfat sour cream or nonfat Greek yogurt in place of whole sour cream
Use light or 2% cheese (lower fat)

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